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How to create and edit music on your laptop

Taking advantage of the new range of touchscreen laptops are a host of music making apps that allow you to record your own tunes using on-screen instruments

One of the really interesting consequences of the arrival of the touchscreen laptop is the number of new ways you can use them. Because it’s so natural to use the screen there’s a host of new avenues open to you.

Taking advantage of the new screens are a host of music making apps that allow you to record your own tunes using on-screen instruments that you can physically control. Of course, thanks to modern interfaces you can also plug instruments directly in to your PC to record directly. When you’ve captured all the music you need you can then use software to edit your masterpieces.

To get started making music just search the Windows 8 App Store for your instrument of choice. Search for piano and you’ll find everything from simple keyboards aimed at children to more advanced keyboards for people who can already play. Clavier Piano Keyboard is just one that stands out and it’s free to download.

The benefit of a touchscreen laptop here is obvious as you can play more or less as you would a physical instrument. The store has a host of other musical instruments too and thanks to them being digital there are infinite possibilities. You can get the sound you’re after without having to invent thousands in expensive equipment too as many of the music apps in the store are free or very cheap.

When you’re done creating music you might want to edit it and put together a musical masterpiece. This too is an area where your Windows 8 tablet can help you. There are lots of professional tools to help you record and mix tracks depending upon how much time you want to spend working on and polishing your music. Apps that mimic a full professional-level recording studio or software that simply lets you add effects there’s something for all levels.

A touchscreen laptop will enable you to take complete control of the process of making your own music and without much investment too.

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