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How to digitise your old vinyl records

Convert analogue audio and enjoy it all over again

Many of us have collections of vinyl tucked away in the loft - records we never listen to because we've packed away our old turntable and replaced it with a CD player or iPod. Here, we'll show you how to use your PC to bring them back to life.

Step 11. This old record still has a bit of crackling and hissing on it that needs removing. Click Cleaning to display the various noise-reduction filters that are available. Options include the ‘de-crackler' and ‘de-hisser' - the information box in the right panel provides an explanation for any that aren't obvious.

Digitise vinyl Step 11

Step 12. Novice recorders can select ‘Set automatically' and let the software apply filters as it sees fit. More advanced users can take the ‘Step by step' approach, adjusting each filter individually. The best option is probably to use the ‘Choose preset' drop-down menu, which includes a number of suitable filter combinations.

Digitise vinyl Step 12

Step 13. The next step is Mastering, which improves the overall quality of the sound. This can be complicated, but presets are available. There are equalizer settings for use with both turntable and tape equipment, as well as settings for specific types of music - such as the Dance option that we've selected here.

Digitise vinyl Step 13

Step 14. Cleaning Lab lets you record multiple songs and store them within a project file. When you're ready to create an audio CD, click Export. You can also use Cleaning Lab to create audio DVDs and podcasts, or for converting your music into file formats you can store on your PC or portable media player.

Digitise vinyl Step 14

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