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How to digitise your old vinyl records

Convert analogue audio and enjoy it all over again

Many of us have collections of vinyl tucked away in the loft - records we never listen to because we've packed away our old turntable and replaced it with a CD player or iPod. Here, we'll show you how to use your PC to bring them back to life.

Step 7. If you want to copy your records and then burn them to CD, select Wave under ‘Capture format'. This is the best file format for creating audio CDs that will work with any ordinary CD player. However, .wav files can hog disk space. Compressed MP3 files are a better option for storing large collections of music.

Digitise vinyl Step 7

Step 8. Next, click ‘Sound card settings'. Magix records silently by default; choose ‘Monitor input signal' to alter this and make it easier to stop or start recording in the right place. Note that this can introduce a bit of feedback noise into the recording, depending on how your sound card is set up, so you may prefer to do without it.

Digitise vinyl Step 8

Step 9. You can now press Record. We've recorded the 12in version of ‘Chain Reaction' by Diana Ross. The song starts just before the three-second mark on this recording, but unfortunately there's a loud scratch at the one-second mark and some general hissing before the song comes in. Let's start by getting rid of those flaws.

Digitise vinyl Step 9

Step 10. Using the Zoom tool on the right of the timeline we can focus on the first few seconds of the recording. Now select the Scissors tool and click on the recording just before the scratch and again just before the song starts. To remove this portion of the track, hit Delete on your keyboard.

Digitise vinyl Step 10

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