Apple quietly discontinued the iPod classic after unveiling its new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch during an event on 9 September. The death of the iPod classic means no more hard drive and no more wheel control for the iPod line-up, and more importantly, no more 160GB of storage. If you're disappointed, there are still ways to buy the iPod classic in the UK. Here's how.

At time of writing, still offers various buying options for the iPod classic, though expect to pay more than the original £199 price tag for a brand new one now that they're harder to come by. The silver model seems to be more readily available and less expensive than the black version. You can buy the silver model on Amazon UK here.

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You'll also find the iPod classic on eBay. There are many new and used iPod classics being auctioned off on the site, and some of them are available as 'Buy it now' options, but we expect they'll begin to get snapped up quick now that they're about to become rare.

For the 7th generation iPod classic (which was released in September 2009), you can expect to pay around £120 on eBay, though that price could quickly shoot up.

Other third-party resellers still offering the iPod classic include Currys, Tesco, Argos, and Very. Each is charging around £190 for the iPod classic.

It's questionable how long Apple's other iPods will be around, too. Sales of the media players have seen a steady decline as smartphones become ever more popular, so we expect it won't be long before iPods are a thing of the past. Apple hasn't announced any new iPods since 2012, when it updated its iPod nano, iPod touch and iPod shuffle during its September iPhone event.

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