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  • How-Tos: How to delete Android devices from Google Play store

    Stop old Android devices appearing on Google Play store or rename current one with our step by step how to guide.

  • How-Tos: 3 ways to get a new Windows 7 PC in the Windows 8 era

    If any word most accurately describes Windows 8, it's "divisive." Microsoft's finger-first, device-agnostic reimagining of Windows draws haters like flies and has played some part--how large a part is up in the air--in driving PC sales off a cliff since its launch. Even so, Microsoft isn't backing down, and Windows 8 and its Live Tiles are darn near ubiquitous in stores.

  • How-Tos: How to play music from a smartphone or tablet on a stereo system

    In this guide we show you the ways in which you can use your phone's or tablet's Bluetooth transmitter to send music to your existing stereo system.

  • How-Tos: How to print in Windows 8

    We show you how to print in Windows 8. How to install and set up a printer, and how to print from desktop software and from Windows apps. Our guide to printing on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT.

  • How-Tos: How to connect a laptop to TV

    If you have the right cable or hardware then it's easy to watch iPlayer or any other video from your laptop on your TV. We show you how to connect your laptop to a TV.

  • How-Tos: How to put an iPad into recovery mode – iOS 7

    If your iPad or iPhone has a problem and needs to be restored from a backup, here’s how to put it into recovery mode and take it out of recovery mode in iOS 7.

  • How-Tos: Back up and restore your PC's Windows Registry

    We show you how to protect the Windows Registry in your PC or laptop. How to back up your PC's Windows Registry, and how to restore the Registry from a backup.

  • How-Tos: Use System Restore in Windows 8 to restore laptop to a previous date

    System Restore is one of the features that makes Windows worth having - the ability to roll back Windows to a point where you know it was working well can rescue your PC or laptop from all manner of ills. You can quite literally restore a laptop to a previous date, a date at which you knew it was working well. Here's how to use System Restore in Windows 8.

  • How-Tos: Roaming data and pre-paid SIM cards explained

    Make sure you don't get stung with big bills when you use your smartphone outside the UK. We explain all you need to know about roaming charges, Wi-Fi, Mi-Fi and pre-paid SIM cards. UPDATED: 4th March 2014

  • How-Tos: Free remote access software

    We look for free alternatives to the now pay-for LogMeIn remote-access service. Here are our best free remote access solutions.

  • How-Tos: How to install XBMC on your Android

    XBMC (Xbox Media Centre) is a popular open source media player that is available on a number of platforms. Getting it to work on your Android device is a little tricky, but not impossible. Here's where we show you how to install XBMC on your Android.

  • How-Tos: 5 tips for data manipulation in Excel

    If you work with data much, you don't need a statistical model to predict that the odds of consistently getting data in the format you need for analysis are pretty low. Those who do a great deal of data cleaning and reformatting often turn to scripting languages like Python or specialty tools such as OpenRefine or R.

  • How-Tos: How to monetise public and private Wi-Fi

    InTechnology Distribution has inked a deal with Cloud4Wi Inc – the world's first Wi-Fi marketplace provider.

  • How-Tos: Beginner’s guide to iMovie for iPad

    Don’t let all that great iPhone and iPad video go to waste: spend a few minutes editing it in iMovie and you can get stunning results. We explain how to use the app plus tips and tricks to give your movie that professional look.

  • How-Tos: How to run Android on a PC

    Discover how to use Windows and Android together. We look at ways of running your Windows applications on your mobile device and Android apps on your desktop or laptop PC.

  • Video: Video: How to take a screenshot in Windows

    We show you how to capture an image of your screen when using a Windows PC or laptop.

  • How-Tos: How to tell if neighbours are using your Wi-Fi

    We explain how to tell if strangers are using your Wi-Fi network, and how to prevent it from happening.

  • How-Tos: How to take screenshots in Windows

    Capturing the contents of your PC’s screen is essential for so many applications. We show you how to go about it using Windows’ built-in facilities and the brilliant DuckCapture utility that does so much more.

  • How-Tos: PC shuts down unexpectedly

    We show you how to find out why your PC or laptop is shutting down suddenly, and explain some ways to fix it.

  • How-Tos: Read EPUB books in your browser

    Rudi Lehnert asked if there's a way to open and read .epub books in a browser.

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