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Has anyone reverted to W7?


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I just have.

Not that I didn't like it or couldn't handle the change. I was quite at ease with it and didn't think it much different to W7 to operate, but I haven't been able to get my printers to work from it and Zone Alarm Extreme that I only bought recently doesn't work right on it.

It's shown me that I want a W8 touch tablet as soon as the price is right and will get on with it well, so it was worth the 25 dead squids to try it out for a few weeks for me.

Having reverted to W7, I can see that the new interface is required for fat fingered operation on the Metro interface's touch screen. The W7 start globe will be far too fiddly not using a precise mouse cursor. I look foreward to getting a touch tablet rather than W8 again, W8 is something that a touch tablet requires rather that a vast improvement to any existing W7 computer.

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Frustration ! I had no trouble installing win8 on my main pc ,which is relatively new. Apart from a few tweaks it is running very well. I would not consider going back to win7. Operating it with a mouse is no problem and after a while becomes quite natural. However, on my two year old laptop it has been a different story. I could get it to run but after four attempts of trying to sort out various things not working correctly I gave up and reinstalled win7.No doubt if I had persevered it would have been ok but quite frankly I don't have the time ,inclination or patience to mess about any longer. Shame really because I like win8 but will probably give it another go sometime later when I have time to spare.

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I won't consider reverting back to 7 on either the desktop or an old Compaq (Vista originally)laptop. Had to uninstall Avast free on the 64-bit version for a while, blue screen problems, but was ok on the 32- bit. Now up and running OK on the 64 - bit version after a long awaited update. Don't like adding 'patches' to a security program.

Printer (Epson) works fine with Win 7 drivers and no complaints from me.

Zone Alarm will be compatible soon I'm sure, took Avast time enough!

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