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Trying To Activate Windows 8


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Hi All,

I`ve been trying to activate Windows 8 but theres no way will it accept the ID Numbers from the Email I received when I purchased it.

Can anyone give any advice regarding this problem, a telephone number or anything that might help.

This is the second time I`ve written this out and tried to post it on this Forum today, maybe second time lucky..

Many Thanks


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Hi all

Aqutarkus, I did all that and more and it did not make the slightest difference, one way I was left with the Windows Old folder which will not delete, and believe me I have tried. and the Clean install will not let you Activate it even as I have been on to Microsoft.

I do appreciate what you have said, but on each install you have to put in your ID Number at thhe start of the installation, and if its an upgrade from Vista Or any other OS it shoves the upgraded OS into a Folder Named Windows Old which will not DELETE, A Clean Install Activates provided you hyave accepted most of Microsofts Bits "n" Pieces, otherwise it will not activate.

I repeat, Now all my stuff works just fine I am now Acctivated my Email Works and I can go on line, but only because I accepted Nearly everything that Microsoft wanted to put on my Laptop, a lot of junk that I will never use.

Thats me lot.

Many Thanks for all your interest.


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Hi RussB78 I haven't done an update install on mine, I did a clean install. I was running Win7 ultimate X64 I ran the Win8 upgrade advisor and it said Win8 Pro. ok no problem. Was given 3 options 1.Upgrade keeping all my files, folders and installed programs 2.Upgrade just keeping my files 3.Keep nothing clean install

I clicked on all 3 options to see if it gave me a different version of Win8 every time it came back with Win8 Pro for £24.99 so I thought ok what the hell, I've been running the RC on a spare pc for a while so knew what I was letting myself in for.

Paid the £24.99 got my key and let Win8 Pro X64 download, when the download was finished it asked what do I want to do Upgrade now Upgrade later using the link on the desktop Or burn the download to a DVD for installation a later time. I burnt the Win8 downloaded ISO to DVD, also copied the ISO file to my home server.

Made sure I copied any documents on my pc to server + anything else I wanted to keep

Rebooted, went into bios and set the 1st boot device as DVD drive, stuck the Win8 DVD in the drive and saved Bios option and rebooted. the Win8 software started to install and I was then given the chose of performing an upgrade or an advanced installation, chose advanced then get to the screen where it askes where to install, chose advanced drive option and selected my primary hard drive, selected format and away Win8 went. Followed the onscreen prompts and entered my key when asked didn't even ask me to prove that a previous qualifying operating system was installed on drive. Clicked yes to the user agreement and Win8 is now up and running on my main pc with 3 x 27" monitors.

Still setting it up.

I note that you say you only got it running by accepting Microsoft's bits and pieces, by this I presume you mean the Microsoft End User License Agreement. YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT OTHERWISE YOU CANT RUN THE SOFTWARE. As for the other "junk" they are probably the default Metro / Modern apps that come with Win8, most of these you can delete or remove from start if you want.

Did you think that you could run the system without accepting the End User License Agreement?

There are a couple of ways of deleting the Windows old folder have a look at www.eightforums.com

Regards Aquatarkus

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Forum Editor

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"I regret to say that I bought Two Copies of Windows 8, and really do regret it, but I did like the OS and did want to use it on my Computers."

Well use it then. Regretting that you bought something that you like because of an activation glitch seems a little silly to me. The problem will rapidly be resolved, so all you have to do is keep trying. Activation issues with new Windows versions are often related to the volume of new activations over a short period. That may or may not be the cause here, but keep trying.

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