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Can I go back to Vista after having installed W7??


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I have installed Windows 7 Professional via a download. I previously had Windows Vista Home Premium and much preferred it. I have been having multiple problems with compatibility issues and want to uninstall Windows 7 and got back to Vista. Is that possible? How do I do it?

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Pine Man

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If you did a clean install of Windows 7 then the only way to re-install Vista is by a clean install from your Vista disc and then re-install all of your programs from their discs:-(

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also if you system has a restore to factory settings options you can use that. Rember if you upgraded to win7 rather than a clean install you will loose all data not saved to an external Media

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Steps to Downgrade From Win 7 To Vista
STEP 1 – Locate Windows folder
The first step is to open the Windows 7 drive and locate the Windows.old folder in the drive. This is essential to change from Windows 7 to Vista and without it, this process would not be possible. Now you need to ensure that ample free space is available in the Windows 7 drive as all contents of Windows 7 is moved to a folder and the Vista contents from the Windows.old folder is copied.

STEP 2 – Reboot your PC
Now it is time to insert the Windows 7 installation disk in the DVD drive. Once this is done, reboot your PC. When the first screen shows up select your language, time and currency format and keyboard input method and click the ‘Next’ button.

Step 3 – Launching Windows7
Now the Install Windows window appears. Simply click on the ‘Repair your computer’ option to launch System Recovery Options dialog-box. You now need to select your Window 7 OS and click the ‘Next’ button again. Now you click on ‘Command Prompt’ to launch it.

STEP 4 – Move Windows 7 folders
In the next step, you will type the following commands in a serial manner and hit ‘Enter’ after typing each one of them. This action moves all the contents of Windows 7 to a new folder.
Md Win7
Move Windows Win7\Windows
Move “Program Files” “Win7\Program Files”
Move Users Win7\Users
Attrib –h –s –r ProgramData
Move ProgramData Win7\ProgramData
Rd “Documents and Settings”

Step 5 – Copy Windows Vista files
Again the same process is repeated with a different set of commands that are given below and this ensures that the contents from Windows.old folder are copied to the drive.
move /y c:\Windows.old\Windows c:\
move /y “c:\Windows.old\Program Files” c:\
move /y c:\Windows.old\ProgramData c:\
move /y c:\Windows.old\Users c:\
move /y “c:\Windows.old\Documents and Settings” c:\

STEP 6 – Restore the Boot Sector
You have to restore the boot sector of your Vista OS by giving the following command.
D:\boot\bootsect /nt60 c:
Finally type ‘Exit’ to reboot your PC.
We have used the installation CD for Windows 7 to downgrade your OS from Windows 7 to Vista as per your requirement. We recommend that you check the security settings of the newly installed Vista and install antivirus software to protect your PC from external threats.

For More Information and help related to windows 7 issues click here

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Windows 7; laves Vista standing. I just can't understand anyone not getting on with Win 7; yes it is based on Vista, but is by far superior to Vista. Memory handling and everything else I can think of.
In fact I had my laptop using Vista when I bought it and wanted to go back to XP which I thought at the time and still do think that it was better than Vista but could not as Fujitsu had no drivers for parts of the computer. So I stuck with it, after 7 came out and I read the reports and I replaced the hard drive with a much larger one and put win 7 on it and have never looked back. I also replaced my main computer 6 weeks ago and that as you will realise has 7 on it as well.
Since that day I have not even thought about XP or Vista and every thing has worked like a dream, including my small network and wireless printing from the laptop.
I note you are not saying what you don’t like about 7 and what you do like about Vista, if you do that I guess a member of this forum will come to your rescue.
Please don’t think I am knocking you, I am not as every one is entitled to an opinion but I still don’t understand your position.

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cheap to fix

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I agree with migel, win7 is the best.

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