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VISTA and disk access


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I have VISTA installed on my media PC,I don't like it but its better then XP when used for media use,in my opinion.

The PC has 2GB of RAM,dual core.The problem is the constant HDD access.The HDD light is constantly flashing

I know that you can disable services,stop scheduled tasks etc.I have disabled some service and deleted all the scheduled task,but the disk access is still happening.

Any ideas please

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Hi is was a clean install.

The programs running under disk are system and svchost.

When first viewed when the PC booted,there were so many entries that it was physically impossible to count them all.
Even now the number of programs running is constantly changing.


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Back to the beginning.
You have a clean Vista install. Has it done this from the begining, right after the clean install? If you boot up and just leave it idling with the desktop showing does the HDD activity not stop at all after say 5 or 10 minutes even?
At this stage have you any security package installed and running?
Open control panel and look in "programs and features" and look down the list at every item. Is there anything "unexpected" in there.
Are you sure you haven't any malware etc lurking anywhere.
Back to reliability monitor and Disk. If I leave that showing the items in "Disk" do constantly vary but the list can shrink down to as little as one or two items, usually system and svchost.exe.
Is there not one item that's always at the top of the list with the highest numbers against it that identifies what's reading/writting to the HDD
Running out of ideas now, if you look in "system" etc and even in the BIOS is all the RAM recognised.
Search indexer ! You say you turned that off. Have heard of it getting in a "loop" that turning off, reboot, turn back on can fix.

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Hi mooly,

Thanks again.Right.....

It is a cleann install,and the HDD light has always flashed since the install

The light constantly flashes non stop.

I removed all the security software I installed.The only app running is the VISTA firewall.

I have checked all running processes/services.apps,nothing out of the ordernary .Have run scans.

The items listed under disk various,from 10 to what seem like 100's

Prior to posting the thread I checked what I thought could be causing the constant access.

I know my way around XP like the back of my hand,but VISTA,I always avoided like the plague for this very reason.

Thanks again

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Out of ideas I'm afraid.
Could some driver conflict etc do this... I don't know. Is it a PC you have, or have had built up or is it an "out of the box" product?
Would starting in safe mode and just letting it idle "prove" anything?
I know Vista was at first heavily critised for Disk thrashing, but not to the extent you are experiencing and most of those issues were resolved with the service packs I believe.
If you have Acronis is it worth imaging your current set up, then doing another install to see.
Don't go on line checking for updates/drivers etc, just install from the disc and let Vista instal generic drivers and see if you have any disk thrashing then.

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I suppose it is possible that you have some disk corruption.

Have a look at the disk log in Event Viewer:
Click the Windows Orb (Start) > All Programs > Accessories, right-click Command Prompt then ‘Run as Administrator’. Copy & Paste or type wevtutil qe Microsoft-Windows-DiskDiagnostic/Operational /f:text > %userprofile%\Desktop\Event.txt (note the five spaces) and press Enter. If you Copy & Paste the command, use mouse right-click to Paste it into the prompt.

Close the command prompt and double-click Event.txt on the Desktop to open it. Go to the end of the file (Ctrl+End) to see the most recent events.

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Thank you for all your help mooly it was appreciated

Thank you BurrWalnut for the advice.

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