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Win 7 RC - how is it for you- opinions?


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My desktop PC which is around 6 years old, has Intel CPU 2.8 Gb with 2Gb memory, an ATI X1650 graphics card 512Mb running on a MSI 6585 mobo.
Win 7 is on a 160Gb drive and win XP is on 500Gb drive.

I use 2 hard drives bays, one is in a caddy the other is fixed in place and i use an external switch to toggle between master and slave setting on the fixed drive, this is so i can select the main win XP hard drive as slave when i plug in the Win 7 caddy as master, this allows me to use the same PC to Run both OS's indipendantly.

The installation process worked well, i used the esay transfer program to copy all my settings and files via a memory stick, although this process worked, it did not copy over the most important settings, like the broadband account& router settings and the outlook pop3 account, i had to install all this manually.

I then loaded it up with Office XP pro, and winzip, adobe 8 plus lots more programs.

After customising the settings to how i like it, i ran the windows experience rating, this gave a result of 3.8 (spec is 1 to 7.9)so about average for an old PC.

Here are some of the issues i encountered:
ATI drivers needed updating.
Canon MPC 200 printer not recognised (i found out that canon have no drivers for vista or win 7)

Blue screen crashes with IRQL not = to zero, system reboots automatically before i can read all the text.

Sometimes loses the netgear wireless adapter when booting up, (have to unplug & plug the device to get it running)

When running many applications the system crashes with BSOD.

On the positive side:
I like the UI, and some nice touches like when renaming a file it highlights the file name and not the extension.

Nice help screens with links and details, the default font is very easy on the eye.

There is lots more i could say, but what have been your experiences so far.

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I've been running Windows 7 over a number of beta versions the last beta version works well only two items of software didn't work with Windows 7 on my computer,Windows 7 does seem to have a lighter kernel if that is the correct way of putting it,it will run on my 6 year old computer the one i did the testing on.
I don't think the difference is worth the upgrade from Vista the problems i had when Vista was released have all been resolved and is very stable now.

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Lots of posts about IE8.

Some people have no problems, others do.

I try not to use it.

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Quiet Life

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May not be W7 see click here

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Have been using beta for several weeks with no problems until today.

When using explorer and going to PC Advisor site, it stops responding. Have to use Task Manager to close it down. When I check CPU using it is hitting 100% with little downpeaks.

After closing explorer CPU using goes down to single figures.

Any ideas?

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Bob The Nob©

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Idle with Messenger running

CPU: 0~3%
CPU Temp: 30*C

RAM: 560Mb

Ambient Temp: 31*C

My XP is about the same but its RAM is about 300Mb.

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Bob The Nob©

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Still so far only found these problems remain

1. everytime I minamise FireFox, my MSN comes up

2. The Notes program stays in the taskbar and doesnt move to the system tray

3. Desktop composition screws with my fireworks cs3

4. Shortcut overlays are too small.

5. It doesn't like joining a Windows 2003 domain.

2 is more of a personal opinion, notes should be run more as a gadget than an app.

4 is a beauty thing, I shrink my icons so I can fit more onscreen as I dont need them HUGE because I can see fine but when I shink them to the size I want, The shortcut overly is still massive. But I have just removed overlays fullstop.

5 is probably me doing something wrong, but my virtualised windows 7 doesn't want to join my virtualised domain. Well, it does but it doesn't apply the group policy or auto install the software it should. but this isnt going to worry me atm as its probably just me being silly.

Build 7048 (32bit) the desktop cycling didn't work but it seems to be fixed in the RC.

I also wish the Network connection icon in the SysTray was still animated, it kinda helped.

I find the librarys pretty useless but they might become more useful in time.

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Agree entirely with tt2's update, including 64 bit experience.

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Just as an update on W7 I now have it running on 3 of the 6 pc's in this household. So far all 3 PCs are using the 32bit systems. After 6 weeks of fairly hard everyday use W7 is stable and just feels less 'clunky' than Vista. It is certainly quicker on start up and a huge advance on Windows XP which I still have along with Vista on the remaining 3 PCs. It is pretty intuitive at finding drivers no matter what I add on to the PCs which is great.
The only problem so far has been with the 64bit version which has failed to load on 3 different PCs, whether due to a faulty download or something else, I don't know. I will leave it until the Retail/OEM versions are released.
I simply wanted anyone with a spare PC who is contemplating trying the W7 Release candidate to know that it is quite an easy straitforward thing to do with no pain and a lot of gain once you have done it

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Win7 is the most stable operating system, I have ever used. I am dual booting it along with vista home premium. All vista drivers I have used so for,are competable with Win7.
I have been time testing it with vista, I find that applications are openning faster. Boot time is almost the same. By the way no bosd or freezing.

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Well, thats good news that many find WIN 7 to be stable, i wish i could say the same becuase i actually like the interface.
It's a pity that for some reason, my PC does not perform properly with it, i had 3 blue screen crashes which auto reboot while it was doing nothing, but when using XP, it is on day and night running apps with no problems.

i will have to invest in new hardware when the time comes.

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