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Better than Vista, no advantage over XP..


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Been using Windows 7 for a few days now , dual-booted with XP Pro - it's much quicker than Vista , which isn't saying much, but feels quite good to use.

I still find it hard to navigate around though, like Vista, it's not very intuitive.

I think Microsoft's problem is still going to be,
"Why should I downgrade from XP?"

If I was stuck with Vista though, I'd definitely upgrade.

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Chegs ®™

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I had used it for 5 months prior to slating it and at the start i had a hard job convincing anyone , now i find its hard to convince anyone it doesnt suck.!

I used to swear loudly whenever Vista was mentioned(I refused to have to upgrade my hardware purely to run the OS)but have now got 2 machines running Vista & refuse to return to XP.True,Vista took a little bit of getting used to but my biggest gripe was UAC until I chanced upon Nortons UAC addon which creates a "remember my action" tickbox and removes my entire dislike of UAC.click here I am thinking of trying this addon in my Win 7,but Win 7's UAC is improved so doesnt appear necessary.

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Only people who dont have a clue need UAC. Turn it all off and have fun. I let KIS 2009 and my NAT router take care of it all and Malwarebytes.
Not that XP has UAC (thank the lord)

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i tried vista beta and was very disappointed with it, as a result i did not upgrade to vista till sp1 came out only to find the finished product was far better than the beta and i preferred it to xp pro.

i would expect a few are finding the same with W7 beta after all is just a test run not the polished product.

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