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First thoughts


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I got this on the friday that it was released 9th Jan.

my first impressions were good, i have it running in a VM with a gig of ram allocated to the machine and the bootup is fast, the overall performance is face and i think they have really made an improvement i am yet to test everythingo n there and have installed firefox which works fine, also getting the live essential pack to be able to use live messenger i am going to install office 2007 to see how that works, but the built in apps have been improved. most of them are taking on the ribbon, such as mspaint which has had a total makeover.

whats your thoughts?

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Had this a couple of days now. Had an initial problem where I couldn't do anything because it said I didn't have sufficient access rights, ( later found out this had to do with Trend Micro Security Suite) so I reinstalled and works great. I am on a dual boot with XP and Vista and all works fine. Very nippy compared to Vista. Not too sure I like the new task bar yet. Very annoying when I minimise Live Messenger or Live Mail and it doesn't move to the System Tray (stays on task bar as minimised prog). Otherwise it has been a great experience so far. Have Office 2007 installed and am using Avira PE Anti Virus with no problems. Using Google chrome as my main browser and have no issues there.
This OS is showing real potential. If you use Vista then this will suit you down to the ground. If you still insist Vista is rubbish and XP rules then I am sorry but you can stay in the past because if you aren't willing to make the change, I can't see you ever moving away from XP and you will be left behind quite soon.
Good luck everyone!

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Well i decided to download and try out Windows 7 after being so thoroughly disappointed with Vista.
Installed quickly on my Quadcore ( around 20 minutes) a few reboots and then on to pretty boot screens and then the desktop. Hmmm looks like Vista and clicking on the start button confirmed it, nothing changed here then. Digging deeper i discovered that the awkward interface and the doing of basic things stayed the same to.
Sure i zipped around from Control Panel to Documents in record time, ( yes even faster than my beloved XP) But its still so unorganized in there !
Oh and the worst thing..... Windows defender is still part of the new O.S. (Why cant it be a downloadable extra ?)
Anyway i enjoyed my time playing with this stable O.S BUT... i wont be upgrading from XP Pro, there isnt anything in here i cant already do.
See thats the killer, if there was a "must have" feel to it, or a "i gotta have that" about it, i would. But there isnt... so i wont.
Great upgrade for Vista Users though.

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1. It takes about 20 minutes to do a clean install, which is an improvement over Vista’s 30. If you install it as a multi-boot, you may find that, in Explorer, it doesn’t recognise the other operating system(s). The multi-booting works OK. Evidently, this is by design but it can be overcome by right-clicking Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management then right-click the missing drive and allocating a drive letter to it.

2. I enabled System Restore and two days later lost all the restore points, this also happened to me when dual-booting XP and Vista. Microsoft haven’t learned from this. However, to be fair, I have a sneaking suspicion that other software may have had an effect. I’m still investigating it.

3. Devices not recognised after the installation are the 3 card reader slots, infra-red and the SM Bus controller. Once I connected to the internet, I received 4 driver updates but it still leaves the SM Bus inoperative, which I shall ignore.

4. A neat, new feature in Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > System > Remote Settings (in the left pane) > Hardware Tab is Device Installation Settings. In there, one can choose to automatically download driver software. Defragmentation is now much more informative than before.

5. With the exception of the improved System Protection (creating a system restore point) and the unpredictability of the Works word processor, it is faster than Vista. In no particular sequence, these either don’t work at all or some of the functions give unpredictable results:
Gadgets don’t work if UAC is turned off. SuperAntiSpyware, CrossLoop, SIW, Works Word Processor, Avira’s AntiVir and Fuji FinePix Viewer.

6. Surprisingly, PhotoStudio 2000 and all my 1986 (ish) DOS Turbo C programs work.

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I downloaded it last night and burnt it onto a disk I want to dual boot with XP. It will not copy all the files and I get an error message at 78% there must be a problem either with the disk I used or the burn was flawed will try again to-night when I get home from work. Looking forward to trying it out. On what I have read it is an improvement on Vista on that I cant't comment I have never used Vista, but I am not "stuck" with XP. If Windows 7 is better than XP I will have no qualms in moving.

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Erm think i will stick to XP for the time being!

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