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IMP beta - wish list

Forum Editor

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Now that some of you have had time to try creating your own presentation you'll have discovered gaps in the functionality - things you wish were there, but aren't.

We've been asked to make suggestions about what kind of function and option additions you might like to see in the finished version. I doubt that the developers will include everything, but they have indicated that they'll be very interested in having your suggestions, so....

What's on your wish-list?

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"What is the target market?"

Well, it's very definitely not PowerPoint users. The idea behind IMP is to provide people with a template-based presentation application that they can use without having to climb a steep learning curve. PowerPoint is great - I use it myself all the time - but nobody can deny that it isn't exactly the easiest application to get to grips with.

I'm told that IMP is for those people who need to do the occasional presentation, and don't want the PowerPoint overhead in terms of the learning curve.

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I should have added that it's not really our job to judge suitability for the target market - we're simply testing the useability.

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To be able to add components, (text boxes, images etc), from a menu or tool bar, not have to change the slide template.

To be able to add images by drag and drop.

To have access to all the fonts on the system.

To have quick access to recently used files. A double click rather than selecting the file then clicking "OK".

To be able to open the document file itself, rather than having to open the program then use that to open the file. Opening the

Smaller files sizes for images... 271 KB for a plain green background!

to NOT have it create a folder where I save the presentation, "IMPAssetLibrary" !!

That's a quick list that comes to mind immediately!



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Drag n' drop image files, video files.
Ability to import any (or at least a wider variety) of image and video file... particularly important if aimed at beginners, who won't have file conversion tools.
Extended library (I use Magix Movie Edit 15; the"takes" library on that would be a good model.)
My Image Library didn't retain changes on exit... needs to, I feel.
Simple (and I do mean simple) image or video editing.
Embedding audio... across one slide, across the presentation.
Ability to use all fonts on the computer.
Easier selection of "save to".
Speedier loading or, at least, a "loading" splash screen.
Double click to add entry, rather than have to find "ok" buttons.

I'd love to see the product in a month or two, but I feel this is early beta - needs much more work under the bonnet before one can properly comment on new features.

Even if polished, I feel the price point is more along the £50 or under market. I don't feel Powerpoint is harder to use, and PP is obviously more extensive in features. As PP can be had for £109 (full version, 2007 edition), there's an obvious problem with the price.
Be able to embed text and image together more easily.

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#1- speed of loading needs to be improved.

#2- a moveable tool palette would be great, also all tools together, at present having the bottom tools ie: new slide/transitions etc separate from the top tool-bar, it would make more sense having them all together or dock-able.

#3- ability to import or select an image/video direct from the new slide tools, at present when a new slide is selected there are 3 tabs on the slide box, text/image/video, upon selecting one of these you then have to click onto the library options on the right, it would be better if selection was made available from the tabs themselves as it is just a lot of mouse clicks, alternatively do away with the tabs and be able to drag and drop direct from the library controls, I know what mean just not good at explaining it, so hope everyone understands.

#4- ability to drag/resize all boxes and template areas, the large text not fitting into the box really needs sorting.

#5- a redo option.

#6- standalone end file without the need for folders.

#7- allowing different video formats or a built in converter, on windows based machines there would be more likely hood of different video formats like WMV or QT being present than there would be of FLV.

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I’ve had a further rethink since reading FE’s post re target users. Putting the bugs of start up and previews, and the need for some polish, to one side and trying to be more constructive...

First of all I think there needs to be at least a quick tutorial if not a wizard of some description, perhaps in the help menu so it’s there if it’s wanted. The wizard could of course have a button on the tool bar.

A “redo” button so it’s possible to change your mind.

The buttons to create/delete slides needs to have its icons made more obvious.

There is room in the tool area for a simple paint palette.

I think a button to add a text box on to any imagine would be a good idea too.

The importing of various video files needs some thought so as to keep things easier for the target users.

I hope these comments are more constructive.

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This is suppose to be for the first time user, if so they need a wizard to help out, start up times need improving, even if it's only a small loading icon, other wise it's a temptation to click it again.

Drag and drop, a must have and the rest has been said by the others.

Just wish I could be more enthusiastic about this product but for target audience of people new to this it has to be easier to use.

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Ok half way through a Halo presentation and heres a few things i wish the program had,

1, image resizing, if its in there i cant find it.

2, Be able to import music.

3, be able to use other video formats other than FLV, having to convert videos to FLV before i can use them is really annoying.

4, Be able to use my own font, having basic fonts is ok but would prefer to use my own.

5, A drawing tool, at least so i can draw in things like arrows or pointers ect..

Me and another forum user are comparing it and we both agree it seems its made for children as it only has very basic functions.

So far its a let down, but will keep at it.

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Ok scratch the FLV importing as it seems it wont imort any of my FLV files no matter what.

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The imported images need to be retained in the library for future use and have a sorting feature in the library flyout. As it is now, if you want to make a complex show with lots of images, you'll need to do a lot of work with another probram to sort your pictures out.

Also, if it's to be aimed at complete beginners, it will have to be able to handle the video file format of compact cameras. Otherwise it's certainly not a beginners product if you have to start converting files, beginners will give up at that point.

Other than that, until a beta version that's nearer the final polished release version, it's hard to say, this is a long way off being usable...

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