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IMP beta - wish list

Forum Editor

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Now that some of you have had time to try creating your own presentation you'll have discovered gaps in the functionality - things you wish were there, but aren't.

We've been asked to make suggestions about what kind of function and option additions you might like to see in the finished version. I doubt that the developers will include everything, but they have indicated that they'll be very interested in having your suggestions, so....

What's on your wish-list?

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Drag and Drop to slide or library, ability to import music.

Also maybe support for video other than flv files.

Could the image library be autosaved when exiting the program?

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I primarily use photo dvd pro 8 for my slideshows that I send to family friends etc. It looks difficult to use but is very easy. It has features that IMP needs to make it attractive to me, and as the FE posted that it will sell for a little under £200.00 it needs to improve a great deal to justify that price tag. I want to make my own menus, position text where I want it, be able to edit the themes a little, import more types of video and sound, import whole folders of images into the library with one click, and be able to export it to dvd to play in a standard player. There are quite a few softwares out there already that do what IMP is trying to achieve so this is a competetive market niche and IMP will need to be better to stand a chance of selling.

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Never heard of flv files before and I've had computers since the Spectrum 48k.

No one is going to buy this if they have to get 2 other programs to convert picture and video files.
If this is to appeal to people who have never used this type of progam before then it needs to be able to import and use all the popular picture and video file formats.

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"Never heard of flv files before and I've had computers since the Spectrum 48k."

You need to stay inside more, lol.


Imp needs to be able to import images and video far better than it does atm, then get rid of the libraries, they're surplus to requirements.

The start up and saving needs to be faster, atm things are far too slow.

Although I don't use presentation software a lot, I find PowerPoint a lot easier to use and quite a bit more intuitive.

Personally, although it's easy to throw a presentation together in IMP (it's just as easy in PP, BTW), I can't get it to save and display, unless I use the image and video files supplied with the software.

I agree about the pricing point, who's going to buy it?

Still trying, will install on XP later, I'm using Vista HP atm, see if there are any improvements.

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FLV stands for Flash Video, and is the format used on sites like You Tube, and iPlayer...

click here

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Wish List... I started to ponder such and then I started to read some comments.

I’m with Spartacus and forum member. I too like to see all options in menus and Help files. It’s where most PC users that have had any type of IT training are always guided to go to if they come up against a problem, that along with the ability to double click and have right click menus.

Like forum member mentioned, wish lists would mean that the software would become acceptable at some point. There are already much better fully functional programes of this sought in various office package, Office & Open Office to mention just two.

When I first downloaded the software and before you gave us your first task FE, I had tried to re-create an Office 97 PP presentation from a training day of long long ago, (I use Off 2007 now but not PP). I did keep in mind that IMP was new on the block so to speak. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t replicate that simple slide presentation of long long ago.

I just feel that someone is trying to reinvent the “wheel” when there are several good “wheels” that have been around for a very long time.

Sorry if that’s too honest.

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Bob The Nob©

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Using the menu is bad, you can hover over once you've clicked on one and then hover over the next to see the menu.

Global Settings from the settings menu doesnt work.

No exit confirmation

The program seems to hang every now and then but I don't know what I'm doing to make it hang.

I havent found a way of moving the text or image about on the slide, this would be very helpful. I also cant delete the picture/video and replace them, maybe I haven't tested it long enough.

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I don't think I have time to create a wish list for this program as it would be too long. If it had just the basics that the other presentation programs have and the ability to import pictures etc it would give us something to go on.

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Drag and Drop facility of images and video files

better import facilities of video formats, still image formats and the ability to use fonts already installed on the host machine.

Either ditch the "Library" concept or expand it to allow grouping of similar type images/videos

Greater flexibility regarding templates and timelines - it just seems so rigid at the moment.

Overall my impression at the moment is that the program has an extremely "Retro" feel to it (and not in a good way)

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i know its been said before but i think that drag and drop is a must and if you have to have a library id like to drop several photos at once (or even better folders) also it would be nice if they were still in there when you restart IMP this also applies to video.
Adding text to a photo would be nice.
Adding audio would make it more appealing.

Have the help files been left out just to see how simple it really is!

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