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IMP beta - presentation creation

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Now that we have plenty of download information we'll move forward.

Could you set about creating a presentation, and feed back on how easy (or otherwise) it was to configure slides, add text/image/video content, and add new slides.

Please don't worry too much at this stage about the complexities of the various options - we'll come to that soon; what we need to know first of all is whether you found it straightforward to move from a blank canvas to a finished presentation with multiple slides.

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Add more than one item text/image/video to a slide.

Resize the box containing text/image/video.

Change the time it takes for a transition to happen. I can change the time for a transition to start... not how long it takes.

Disappointed at the restricted choice of fonts available. Does the program not access the Windows "Fonts" folder?

Really annoying that it allows a close without prompting to save changes!

As a black and white answer to the question posed, "No; it was no easy to make a presentation consisting of several slides containing what I wanted." (I've still not managed!)

Help files would be useful!



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dont know what happened there.

To continue, once I played the slideshow, 1 & 2 were ok but 3 refused to appear. it appeared to be stuck on 3 with no way to end or repeat other than to close the window and start again (a small set of buttons popping up at the end to give more options would be helpfull.

On the timeline below the main working area I had nothing of the first clip, two shots of the second clip, and one of the non appearing third, which is completely mystifying me.

And as yet I have not discovered where the saved slideshow has actually been saved to.


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I think it'll be saved in 'My Pictures', I only saw that by accident, as Simsy says, it doesn't prompt for saving which also says where it's going.

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to the requested 'create a simply presentation ' I had no great difficulty. I had to play around a bit with all buttons as it is not always apparent from the icon what the function is.
I did import a few of my own images but do not have any flash videos to hand.
The text limitations were a little disappointing ( but to be fair I am comparing them with Powerpoint 2007 and the Wordart capabilities in Word).

My main concern is that I cannot see what market this program is aimed at as the presentations are very basic and options very limited.

One annoyance was that when I changed my mind and tried to delete the two already completed slides it will not delete the first slide ' because it is the first slide.'

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Had a quick play last night, and will try again later today...

First impressions:
- couldn't find a way to add text to a picture, there doesn't seem to be a FONT icon...

- the icons top right seem to be in a random order; the UNDO is towards the right, in every other app I've used, it is toward the left, and so on. Plus, why is there an odd icon on the left? THere doesn't seem to be reason for that.

- found the whole program quite un-intuitive: e.g., adding text was not particularly easy.

-as others have mentioned, when I tried to Save, I gave up after 10 minutes or so and force-quitted.

- I went into PowerPoint as a comparison, and while it is obviously more complex as far as on-screen 'furniture' is concerned, I found it much easier to work with.

Post more later, hope more positive remarks!

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I am Spartacus

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I made a 3 slide presentation. I didn't find the controls intuitive and kept looking in the menus for options that weren't there.

The program froze twice while using it and on one occasion I lost the slides I'd made.

When I increased the text size in the header the box stayed the same size and I couldn't find a way to increase it.

When adding pictures to the image library I could only add one at a time rather than do a multiple select.

After the program had frozen and I recovered the slides when I played the new window opened up but nothing happened, no error messages. When I recreated the slides it worked OK.

If you shut down the program after making changes they are not saved and you don't get an warning message.

I like to change the location of saved files to another disk (easier for backups). I couldn't find this option so a registry hack is probably required.

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Pine Man

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I am running Windows 7 32bit on a 2.13 Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM.

I found the software very intuitive and it didn't take me very long to work out what did what even though I don't use this sort of software at all.

I had no problems installing the software but it takes at least 20 seconds to load and run.

No problems were encountered making a short presentation of 5 slides and I soon worked out how to add my own images to the library. What I couldn't work out was how to import a document. The only options were to import .imp files.

The first time I created a presentation, before saving it, I closed the program down and received no warnings but I did find that it had been saved to a folder in 'My Documents'. The next time I created a presentation I used the 'save as' instruction but was not given an option, or told, where it was being saved to.

I had no problems adding additional slides to an existing presentation.

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After reading the above posts I am beginning to feel better, I just thought it was me not knowing how to use this program.

Started by trying to make a simple slide show of 4 images and a small amount of text, spent the next 40 minutes with nothing, it looked as thought the PC had frozen but Windows Task Manager showed it was still running.

The problem was that even after this amount of time I couldn't close it, had to close it from Task Manager.

Since then I've tried twice more, once importing my own pictures and second time just using supplied pictures, same result, just sat waiting with seemingly nothing happening.

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and yes, it is in my documents. but it is in a newly created folder called IMP, rather than my picture (but thanks for the suggestion quickbeam).

Its not saved as a single file though, rather than as a collection of files and folders. I'm not sure if thats a good idea or not (in terms of portability and the possibility of missing a file when copying etc) given that this is supposed to be a simple application.


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Opened Imp? If I was new to computer I would have just closed the program as found nothing to indicate what to do next. I would have expected at least the option in the middle of the screen to open or create new document.

Eventually found the Create New Document icon. Went through the header & footer/background options quite simple to use but very basic you then click on OK.

Time line: Again nothing to indicate what to do. Eventually I found you have to add each slide individually and select each time if this slide is text, image or video which I found very slow. Using your own images created a problem and would not work I assume this is because it’s a Beta version.

Once I was able to create a small presentation using the images supplied and view it, I was able to save it to my hard drive no other option.

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