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Beta Testing

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IMP beta - presentation creation

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Now that we have plenty of download information we'll move forward.

Could you set about creating a presentation, and feed back on how easy (or otherwise) it was to configure slides, add text/image/video content, and add new slides.

Please don't worry too much at this stage about the complexities of the various options - we'll come to that soon; what we need to know first of all is whether you found it straightforward to move from a blank canvas to a finished presentation with multiple slides.

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Ok, amongst getting ready to move house and decoratin gmy current house i've had time to play with IMP properly now.

I deliberately haven't read anyone else's reviews so as not to taint my experience (for better or for worse), so please excuse any duplicaton of comments.

1. Initial impressions are that it can only really create very basic presentations.

2. The lack of right click context menus is hard to get used to

3. Button tooltip texts sometimes come out backwards. click here

4. Global Settings under the Settings menu (top menu bar) didn't appear to work. the short cut buttons were ok.

5. Changing pictures on the header / footer causes the image to disappear. You have to change slide to get the changed image back

6. It might just be me, but changing the slide order on the timeline didn't change the preview under the Preview menu.

7. Lack of multi file select under file photo / video import is frustrating. Wouldn't make a difference if there was no 'internal' library to import to.

8. Once as anrea has been defined as text, picture or video there doesn't appear to be a way of changing it without going through a very circuitous route, involving a loss of data.

9. Changing the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 lost all the slide content from the main window, except for a background image. The slide content still showed in the timeline preview.

10. After the actions in 10., saving the file crashed the application.

11. No obvious way to insert an image into a text area. Maybe that's deliberate, but it prevents annotating a picture.

Short sharp summary: For a very basic presentation application is it ok. It's got some bugs but that's to be expected.
The ability to save to a flash file is good. Very good in fact. The interface is ok. Actually quite nice and uncluttered, but i wonder if that's only because of teh lack of functionality

Since the beta test was for people who aren't users of presentation apps, a comparison to PowerPoint doesn't seem relevant, but it's hard not to. Would i use it for my work? Probably not, but it would depend on the retal price. If FE's guide of 200 pounds plus is on the mark the no. PowerPoint is far better for less money.

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Apparently I got it all wrong about the proposed selling price - IMP will sell for far less than £200. I thought I had the price in an email, but it turns out I was wrong. My apologies for misleading you.

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"IMP will sell for far less than £200."

Still gotta be more than Free for Open Office IMPress - which to me (and I've really never tried making a slide show presentation before) - was simpler, more conventionally laid out, and more flexible, and cross-platform to boot.

The only interesting thing I saw was the ability to create a "sort of" self contained output. I say "sort of" as there were still several folders which would need packaging up.

More of an alpha than a beta methinks, and at this stage poorly targeted and poorly executed.

It's a definite miss for me.

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One of the issues i do have at the moment is the transition of the image don't seem to be able to get my head round that bit for a minute...

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Transistion are straightforward, choose which one choose manual or how many secs before automatic. Choose whether this applies to every slide or just that one.

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