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Beta Testing

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IMP beta


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Have attempted installation IAW with e-mail instruction. Adobe AIR appears to load successfully but the application reaches mid point and provides the message that Adobe AIR has a broken file and a new copy is necessary. Repeating the operation several times has not improved the situation.

Anyone else have this?

Suggestions please?

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slow to open from shortcut on desktop, otherwise running well.

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I've found so far is that when i have worked on a presentation and then go to close the program using the 'x' in the top right, I get no prompt asking me if i wish to save my project or save changes. It just closes the program and you lose it all. A simple do you wish to save prompt would be very handy here.

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Pine Man

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I did the same with a test run and thought all was lost until I found an IMP folder in my documents containing the files!

A warning would have been nice though.

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I've also got a few things I'm not too happy about but I will keep for later. I'm assuming that this is the place we come to later on or perhaps we might get somewhere else to carry on.

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I am not particularly familiar with this type of software or with using it so my comments probably are those of a `true novice`. Perhaps those more familiar with other manufacturers (Microsoft?) coding of similar software will have other ideas.

My findings so far are:-

I find the loading time from `cold` from the shortcut to be quite long - well over 80 seconds on my PC which may not be the fastest but is probably representative of many in commercial use.

Saved files are a good compact size and several good sized presentations could easily be carried on a memory stick or burned to CD. There is even the posibility of using a floppy for smaller files if nothing else were available.

The size of the software on disk at 139MB is quite large when compared to other software; GIMP is only 125MB. But this is reflective of the download size mentioned above.

The interface uses commonly recognisable icons but the toolbar cannot be personalised to group them to suit the user.

The positioning of the text selection block could perhaps be better placed on the toolbar as it is in most word processing packages and the `General Information` block may well be better placed at the lower right or maybe even split to allow the title of the presentation to appear more prominently at, say, top left. I think this may prevent errors where more than one person is using the package.

The provision of an `undo` facility seems odd without the facility to `redo` when a deletion is accidental.

The addition of an `image` scaling/rotation as well as that for video may also be an asset.

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Totally wrong about `image scaling`; I was doing it wrong!!!!!

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Downloaded with no problems

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Has anyone found a way of changing the `transition time` independently between slides? There is a faded button for `this slide only` but I don`t seem to be able to get it to activate.

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yes when you click on the transition (2nd square down on the right of your slide) it also asks transition time in secs or if it is manual, this slide or all slides

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Bob The Nob©

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IMP Beta

Quick sum-up of my first 20mins of using it

_ Installation _
OK, but its a heafty download at over 100Meg, the fact that it needs Adobe AIR is a let down, for instance, how do I install this application over a slow internet link or on a machine that is offline? In a world of High-Speed internet connections, people forget about those with links that are less than 1Mb/s. I had to use my Mobile Broadband Dongle to get this file in any decent amount of time (twice). The installation its self is slow.

_ Test on Windows XP _
My Windows XP (Virtual Machine) is these specs:
23/64bit: 32bit
3Ghz Single Core
1.5Gb Ram
Service Pack: SP3
Inernet Explorer: IE6
IMP Start-up: 7-10seconds
IMP Ram Usage: ?Mb (onload, blank)
IMP CPU uasge: ?% (onload, blank)
Doesnt seem to support Unity in VMware 7 (sometimes does load, sometimes does but can move the window)

_ Playing a Presentation (XP) _
Very slow, two sides, 3 lines of text, video, 2 images and its taking alot of time in loading
The fact that it uses flash independantly is nice
Locked XP up completely.

_ Test on Windows 7 (x64) _
My Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) is these specs:
23/64bit: 64bit
3Ghz Dual Core
6Gb Ram
Service Pack: None
Inernet Explorer: IE8
IMP Start-up: 10-13seconds
IMP Ram Usage: 58Mb (onload, blank)
IMP CPU uasge: 10% (onload, blank)
Seems to break Aero-peek

_ IMP Features _
The aspect ratio is awesome, wish PowerPoint had a simple feature like this.
Good template/layout selection
Great colour/design selection
There doesn't seem to be anyway to put text ver an image
Video import seems good but only use the built in video as of writing
The Maximise/Restore button doesnt change unlike the default windows one.
The cusor is rendered within the program.
The Themes are all store as PNG's so they can be used in other apps etc
The program itself is only about 21Mb, the Themes, Video and Images that are shipped with it are the hefty parts.

So far, it overall looks good seems to be functional but maybe a little basic in its designs.
The viewer, if it works, it could be really good for presentations on computers without Office or on displays i.e. TV's in lobbies etc.

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