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Beta Testing

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Final summing up

Forum Editor

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We're approaching the end of our planned testing schedule, and we'll bring things to a close fairly soon - probably late on Wednesday evening (14th January) or Thursday.

It would be very helpful if you could each make a single post, summing up your overall impression of the beta software you've been testing. By now you should have a pretty good idea about how you feel with regard to this version of Norton 360 - are you looking forward to your free one year licence, or will you be resuming the use of whatever security software you were using before you started the test?

Please tell it as it is - the idea of this test (apart from providing you with what we hope has been an interesting experience) is to provide Symantec with some quality feedback on their new product.

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Even though I had some problems with it not loading at startup, my overall experience was positive. It blocked several virus and Trojan Horses. It updated reliably. I would expect that in the final version, the problems I had would be addressed. Therefore I feel comfortable saying that I would continue to use it.

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After trying this Beta version out I am rather pleased with it, fair enough there has been problems with it but as a security product it just about covers most things you might need. I have bought games that are supposed to be finished items with more bugs than this beta version.

I've tried free anti virus in the past but the biggest problem with most of them is having to remember to check for updates, with my children having their own PC's this is a worry. At least this will give peace of mind that the anti virus security is always there.

I'm not to happy about the de-frag part of it, even now at 14% fragmented it still will not de-frag my hard drive. I don't know if this is a glitch or at what point it will de-frag my drive, but if left too late I could be sat here for a long time waiting while it does it.

Another nice feature is the website checking before you even click on a link.

Resource wise I haven't even noticed it running.

Backup facility has worked like a charm, I've tried backup to another hard drive, to DVDs and all worked without fault first time.

Well what more can be said than a repeat of the comments from other posts.

Price wise, this could be a sticking point for a lot of people with only one PC, for me it's not an issue because I would be installing it onto three computers so cost wise it would work out at roughly 35 pence a week per computer, for that sort of money, peace of mind is worth it.

Would I recommend it, yes for any one who has children it could be the difference between having a healthy PC and one with a lot of nasties on it.

So bring out the full version with out the problems and Norton could have a very good product which they and the people who buy it can be happy with.

And to FE (Peter) thanks for the chance to try it.

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Final Thoughts:
Norton 360 did not like my system as it was when I installed the beta. Once I had down a clean install of XP Norton ran very unobtrusively in the background.

I had one runtime error which closed both OE and Norton. Norton requred a reboot to open again.

As to the live update I had no problems with this and it updated perfectly ever time.

I certainly think the biggest inprovement over other Norton products I have had is that this product does not "hog" system resources and starts up quickly at system startup.

I did'nt really try the backup utility so can't comment on that.

To be honest I am not sure if I would use this product on a long term basis as I prefer seperate utilities and the ones I use are adequate. But it is defineately an improvement over past Norton products of this sort I have used.

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I was a bit early with my summing up and put it in a previous thread, so have copied it here to keep all the conclusions together.

I normally use Avast home (free version) and for the last month, or so, was using Rising antivirus (free version).

In comparison, Norton 360 is superior for scanning the hard drive, producing no false positives, although it did delete three programs without asking. A password revealer and two joke programs, so acceptable to class them as a mild risk, but it should ask (restored with no problems).

The amount of features Norton has is quite wide ranging. But personally I would rather have a simpler program and just use the built in Windows clean up tools.
The backup tool is poorly implemented and slows my computer for quite a while when being used.

The interface is very bad. It needs to lose the fancy effects and be simplified and everything should open in the same window.
Back in 2003 I used Norton antivirus and Cleansweep and both had very good interfaces.

Manual (I hate auto update, control freak, lol) updates are good, very quick and problem free.

Norton ran alongside Comodo Boclean with no problems.

The help file is pretty good.

The firewall seems to be good at blocking incoming traffic, but appears to let all outgoing traffic past.
I prefer Zonealarm, which queries anything unusual and I miss the internet activity icon in the system tray.

I ran a program called Scoundrel Simulator, which simulates the actions of a possible threat, writing to the start up section of the registry, changing your homepage, etc. Norton let it perform all five actions without a peep, which was a bit worrying.

Overall, given the choice I would prefer just the virus scan part of the software and use Zonealarm and Regprot for overall protection.

I was thinking of giving Comodo Internet Security a try. But thanks for the chance to try Norton.

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Zaphod 3

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I have been pleasantly surprised so far, we always had Norton before, until our PC was so bogged down to be almost unusable, for the first ten minutes after startup.

When we changed to AVG things were so much faster, that having been the only change. I also removed Norton from a friends machine just before this test started and his has been speeded up beyond belief.

So long as Norton have sorted out the hogging of resources problem, I would definitely consider using it.

N360 is currently licensed for three machines, we have one running XP and two running Vista Home Premium I assume that this would not cause a problem.

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I was quietly impressed with this rendition.

I think £50 is a little too much for this product given the competition out there, but when all the performance, comparison, and independent testing trials are in, I'll definitly re-appraise this product.

At the moment I use Kaspersky IS 2009 and have a subscription for two more years, so I'll stay with that product for now. Also I have unlimited real-time continous backups aand some of the best performance tools outthere. so I won't be changing at all.

But I must say the product is worth buying, for most people. Good Luck.

Thanks to the FE for the oppertunity to take part in this Beta and thanks to all the members for their input, it was very interesting indeed. I thought the feedback was lower than I'm used to ( I'm a Professional Developer) But nothing too serious came out.

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Just noticed that Windows Firewall was still on,thought Norton would have disabled it.

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Norton was surprisingly quick to install. The user interface is fairly easy to navigate with out too many tabs with sub section in them.

As I reported Insight would not complete on my machine with the control panel staying on the desktop. It kicked Google Chrome in to touch. It also missed a tracking cookie and slowed my email down.

360 ran smoothly using far less CPU - even when running scans - than it did the last time I used a Norton product. On that count I think Norton have succeeded with one of their developments.

Norton 360 for me is on the pricey side.

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Just to give my first bad note which is, I have green boxes with ticks in them all over my files, haven't worked out if this is because I have backed them up or some other reason but it looks horrendous, my first big down point, if anyone knows exactly why they have appeared please advise me, thanks.

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I have tried everything in the software, including my own Backup settings, Outlook 2003 and 2007 and cannot get a problem to report.
I have tried replicating some of the problems noted on the forum, but have failed to generate any. Was using NIS 2009 until I installed the Beta 360.
Yes I would buy the final version (3 User) at a competitive price e.g. 2009 3 User is currently available for £22.00, and I would recommend it.
It would have been interesting if those testers encountering problems had given details of there setup.
That is a "wrinkly" view!

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