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Beta Testing

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Final summing up

Forum Editor

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We're approaching the end of our planned testing schedule, and we'll bring things to a close fairly soon - probably late on Wednesday evening (14th January) or Thursday.

It would be very helpful if you could each make a single post, summing up your overall impression of the beta software you've been testing. By now you should have a pretty good idea about how you feel with regard to this version of Norton 360 - are you looking forward to your free one year licence, or will you be resuming the use of whatever security software you were using before you started the test?

Please tell it as it is - the idea of this test (apart from providing you with what we hope has been an interesting experience) is to provide Symantec with some quality feedback on their new product.

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When I applied to become a beta tester for Norton 360, I immediately had doubts as to whether I was doing the right thing.
In the past I have found Norton products to bog down the PC.

I am very happy I did take part, appart from the odd runtime error in firefox, this software has caused no major problems.

Norton 360 does not use a lot of memory or proccesor power to do its job. Also scans, antivirus and backups are very quick to complete.
Previously I used AVG pro which scanned a lot slower than norton 360.
Instal was quick and easy, and everything about the software looks good and easy to use.

I like FALKYRN, would have no issues in using Norton 360 for a decent price, there is a lot of competition around these days and Norton need to take that into account.

It has been a pleasure in reading your views and from my point contributing to this beta test.
All the best to you all

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Compared to the previous Norton products, Norton 2002 was the last I used I think, its a great improvement. Scanning is fast and running it in the background does not seem to slow things up like previous Norton programs did.

I did not like the toolbar installing itself into Internet Explorer without asking permission but thats a niggle really not a fault. I personally would prefer it if it gave you the option to install this or not but many would be happy for it to install itself as it can be useful.

The tools now. To be honest I am unsure as to how useful they are. I already have the likes of Ccleaner and I defrag regularly anyway so Norton adding these sort of things are from my point of view a bit superfluous, however to be fair for some users the likes of this, all integrated in one package might be useful.

The only thing I am definatly not happy about is the email. I use Outlook not Outlook Express and the Norton program tells me it is setup to scan any emails but I don't know if its working. I use AVG free and it tells you at the bottom of each email that it has been scanned. Norton doesn't say anything. So I assume I am meant to accept the word of the program that it is working with nothing to back it up and I do not like that.

So to summarise, its a far superior product to what has come before, it seems to use little resources and just runs away in the background, I am pleasantly surprised and even impressed but I am unsure as to whether I will install it as I have doubts as to whether it is actually scanning my emails or not. At least with AVG free I can see it working and theres a note on the bottom of each email to say that it has scanned it.
If I did get a virus it would probably infect my PC by email and unless I get some sort of assurance that Norton was scanning emails I don't think I would chance it.

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Well all in all iv been very impressed by Norton 360,
I too have bashed Norton in the past and favoured Free anti virus and firewall software, but now i have seen the light.

I said to myself when going into this beta test that i will give Norton an unbiased opinion and was pleasantly surprised by it.

Through out the test so far i only had one problem which was the program crashing when running Norton insight for the first time.

Its been fast, reliable and non obtrusive on my system,
When running a scan it was fast and caught every virus i threw at it,
It had no issues with any gaming server i used or any online game i played, there was no popups asking to allow new online games to run, it just let them run with no hassle,
Even the private servers i used it didnt grumble at either.

The main private server i used to test this was Ko2 server for Perfect World click here i know a few friends of mine have had issues with this server with other firewall software but Norton was fine.

I was at one point wanting to be a problem with the software so i had something to write about in the forum but in the end its worked perfectly.

If i had to pick fault with it, it would be the colour scheme, yellow and green just dodnt appeal to me but its just a small complaint.

So has my mind been changed by Nortons new products, yes if they continue to produce software like this then i would have no problems buying this software.

All Norton need to do now is win back pc users, they have had alot of criticism in the past with bad software but if they continue to produce such quality software as Norton 360 beta then i can see them being one of the biggest name pc protection software companies ever.

Ease of use 9/10
looks 7/10
setting up 9/10
memory footprint 8/10
affectiveness 9/10

So i would rate this software 9/10, it would get 10/10 apart from the ugly interface, come on Norton make it skinnable.

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I have been impressed with Norton 360,not a resource hog like previous versions.A hiccup with initial install,and Insight now ok.Couldent access Firefox on one occasion which required a download,dont know if this was Nortons fault though.
Have had the odd runtime error.
Overall i would use the product,the price of £50 might be enough to put me off though.

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I installed Mcafee Security Centre a few weeks before finding out about the Norton Beta Test and knowing how Norton security centres had treated me in the past I thought I was mad for agreeing to try the Beta version, however, I will not be switching back after this trial is over! Norton is a completely revamped system from previous versions and it is clear that Symantec has listened to the complaints about Norton hogging system resources. It is like 360 isn't even on my PC most of the time and just sits quietly in the background doing its thing. Sometimes I'll leave the PC and watch the TV for half an hour and suddenly you here Norton kicking in once the PC has idled for 10 minutes. But when I resume back on the PC, it goes quiet once again. This Beta version is of course not 100% perfect yet, I've had to turn the Backup utility off because it was always bringing up error messages about the fact I had not backed up my system yet which got very annoying and the overall appearance could do with a little more colour. But apart from that I feel safe and secure and have no desire to go back to my old SC. Glad I took part!

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I'd put it as a pretty good experience from my point of view. I encountered no major problems, and the minor ones I did find, I feel (fairly) sure will be fixed by product release time.

Speed was particularly impressive. I suppose I don't know that it was doing very much - I don't visit "exciting" websites, if you see what I mean (honest!), so I don't know if it catches the nasties. I think I'd like to have some idea (from independent mag-type test (hint: PCA)) that it has a decent detection rate before I'd want to swap out Kaspersky from my most-used machines. I'd swap out the older McAfee happily, and will do so if I get a free copy.

It does seem to hide away the complexity more than I'd like - I don't always know it has options I want selected (or even available to select), and it certainly hides some control features well. However, it is marketed as a "set it and forget it" product.

Problem is, it is so quiet, I might "forget to set it" instead!

Oh, colour scheme is vile, sallow springs to mind! But hey... I'm a bit colour-blind anyway. I did find the green/red text labels difficult to distinguish at a glance.

In a way, I feel some people have been too negative when they have had a crash caused by Norton. This IS a beta program, and one must expect some, in the assumption they will be fixed. Having said that... I have been completely lucky, so I would say that!!!

Would I buy it? Quite possibly, but it'd have to be compared to the up-to-date competition. Would I recommend it if someone said they intended to buy it? Yes, whereas I might have suggested they steer away from it in earlier guises.

Thanks FE, and thanks Norton.

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Well as I have said all the way through, I can not fault Norton 360V3, although I think it is a bit pricey it has to be said that it may be near worth it, it is better than any of the freebies out there and I think better than it's main rivals.
Apart from a couple of minor niggles it is a excellent product and Norton has definitely listened to past gripes, remember this product gives a lot more than the basic free AV. 10 out of 10 for me.
On a personal note this is the first beta testing I have done and would love to be included in future tests as I have found it interesting and enjoyable.

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Forum Editor

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and thank you for making such a thorough job of your testing.

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Where to start, This is the first time I have used an all in one.

Installation went like a breeze, Once I had taken out Treatfire & Spysweeper, Quick install and NO Reboot (Nice touch that).

Setup was a doddle, would have liked a bit more User Input.

Using this Program (Norton360 v3) on a Day by Day basis, I found, every now and then, that I was checking to see if the Program was actually working, It was (Thank goodness), Any way, now that I am getting Used to this program doing its stuff in the background and not using a lot of Resources (only 100k more than my previous Anti-This and that), Plus it has made my PC much faster on the internet, Going from Forum to Forum is now much quicker, as before I had to keep waiting for the pages to fill up, A bit boring just looking at a white page with no Text, Now the text is there straight away, No Waiting.

So far a very stable program for me, I know others had Problems inc. FE.

I will continue to test Norton 360 as it is such an easy to use and safe (Upto now) program.

Thank you FE (Peter) and Norton for letting me test such a usefull program with minimum input and effort on my part.

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Chegs ®™

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I can only agree with all the previous posts,N360 installed easily,ran quietly and didnt hog the meagre resources of a laptop.I deliberately went surfing through some really dodgy sites to test the AV,it caught all the nasties present on these sites.I was ready to give N360 a glowing report until I tried playing an online game(Shot-Online golf)I have played this game for 3+ years using various apps to protect my system(AVG,Kasperspy the most recent)and accepting its the beta so might throw up a problem,to discover that N360 crashed Shot and there being no "exit" or "pause" N360 from the systray icon was annoying as I had to uninstall N360 whilst I played Shot & reinstall when I finished.

Would I pay £50 for this product? No,as there are scores of free apps that do a similar job.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes,if they are determined to pay for an "all in one" solution as they dont trust a freeware app to do the same job.

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