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Specific 360 problems

Forum Editor

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Now that we've all had a chance to let Norton 360 settle into its stride it would be good to hear about any specific problems that have occurred.

In my case I had a clear run until I switched on my test machine this afternoon. Norton 360 threw a wobbly, and decided it wanted to fire up 'One-click support' and send an error report back to base. It asked me for permission to do this, and I agreed. Then followed a process of collecting and transmitting data about my machine, after which 360 told me it was 'attempting a fix'.

I carried on working whilst all this went on, and after about ten minutes I was told that the fix had failed, and I was advised to 'try again later'. I have continued working, and all seems fine - at no time was the computer slowed by all the goings on, and Norton tells me 'You are protected'.

What about you - have you had a similar experience, or has Norton 360 done something else unexpectedly? Please don't post here if all is humming along nicely - we want to hear about problems in this thread.

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I am Spartacus

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I still can't get the AntiSpam function work properly. I've now been through every setting I could find and changed it but Outlook still crashes when I click the 'Train Norton AntiSpam' button.

Event viewer shows the following:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Microsoft Office 11
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1000
Date: 09/01/2009
Time: 22:02:07
User: N/A
Faulting application outlook.exe, version 11.0.8217.0, stamp 480f95d9, faulting module msvcr80.dll, version 8.0.50727.1433, stamp 471eb5ae, debug? 0, fault address 0x000149d1.

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I tried the quick scan and found the same as you. From an initial scan of 1m 23s for 5886 files to 4m 08s for 5896 files to 3m 51s for 5562 files, but I have nothing to compare against.
The full scan leaving out Disk Optimization, and Backup took over 38 minutes, but again I have nothing to compare against.

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perpetual motion

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Mmm well ive had a LOT of issues with my pc freezing today..? its drove my wife NUT's (Luckly i was out)
Browsers hanging had to re-boot mulitple amounts of times..??

Its all good though...We knew this might happen..i still think its GREAT!!

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When I first loaded Norton 360 I recorded an impressive 53 seconds for a quick scan and thought that this was a good enough figure to make me run a quick scan frequently.

Today I ran the quick scan again and it took over four minutes and found 2 tracking cookies. I wondered why the time differnce and immediately ran another quick scan. This time it took 6 minutes 47 seconds.

Running repeated quick scans gave the following results (I have included the previous scans for comparison)

0 minutes 53 seconds
4 minutes 15 seconds
6 minutes 47 seconds
6 minutes 04 seconds 3581 files examined
6 minutes 31 seconds 3637 files examined
6 minutes 42 seconds 3644 files examined

After shutting down and restarting
4 minutes 01 seconds 3683 files examined
5 minutes 43 seconds 3585 files examined

There seems to be quite a variation in the time taken and why the number of files examined changes is not clear. I was not running any other programs and did not touch the keyboard or mouse during the scans

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First problem I've had with Norton appeared this morning, after switching the computer on every thing was fine for about an hour then Norton just died.

I got an error message which stated

"Symantic Service Framework has encounted a problem and needs to close"

The biggest problem was that all of the features on Norton 360, anti virus, fire wall, you name it, all ceased to work.

A quick reboot and every thing came back on and started straight away, I then ran a live update followed with a scan with no problems.

It's since been running for 5 hours and not had any thing else wrong.

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And others. Most of the people who have ran scans have reported that it was fast. I ran a full scan the other night and it took over three hours on an 80gig HD which is not even half full. It appears that there is a bottle neck somewhere on my system.

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Well, I feel I am not earning my keep, as I have nothing to report on the bug-lines! I ran it for 4 hours last night, browsing, scanning papers, ocr, major file transfers, Acronis TrueImage, wrote some DVDs.... not a thing went wrong. First thing this morning it auto-updated quietly, just popped up to tell me.

It may help that, although this machine is packed with trashy software, I can't recall a crash on the present set-up (TrueImaged before s/w installs, so revert to "clean" version if there's a problem generated).

I do feel that the Norton 360 window is a bit lacking in information, and it's quite difficult to get to configuration windows... I suspect it's more "user friendly" that way - what you can't tweak can't hurt.

Scans are FAST! I did a couple of manual scans and watched it rip through the files because the first scan was so fast I thought it'd missed the D drive. Nope, did it too!

On a scan I do miss the time taken, % done, time remaining that I get with some other scanners. It may be fast, but I'd still like to know when full resources are mine to use again.

One "style thing"... When you do a scan and it finds something, you have the option of bringing up a "details" window. You can close this window with the default X in the top right corner, but I'd feel it'd be better with a "Close" or "Back" buttonside the "Security History" down at bottom right.

Otherwise, purring along perfectly.... so far!

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I have noticed a BSOD when I shut down. Today I got one while I was in the middle of something.
Stop codes in dump are:
0x10000050 (0xe7196000, 0x00000000, 0x86b0b798, 0x00000001
Then I got this error:
The Network Location Awareness (NLA) service was successfully sent a start control.
The aswRdr service was successfully sent a start control.
Error code 10000050, parameter1 e7196000, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 86b0b798, parameter4 00000001

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perpetual motion

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Finally has updated itself & all in order np's to report ..?

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I too have had issues with automatic update not kicking in on boot up and have finally cracked and ran a manual update after being online for an hour.

I also agree with a previous post that the Norton screens do look very basic, especially when you get right in to the nitty gritty of analysis results which consists of mostly black text on a white background and not much else.

But saying that, if having lots of pretty graphics means compromising the current performance, then I'd rather keep it boring!

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