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Specific 360 problems

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Now that we've all had a chance to let Norton 360 settle into its stride it would be good to hear about any specific problems that have occurred.

In my case I had a clear run until I switched on my test machine this afternoon. Norton 360 threw a wobbly, and decided it wanted to fire up 'One-click support' and send an error report back to base. It asked me for permission to do this, and I agreed. Then followed a process of collecting and transmitting data about my machine, after which 360 told me it was 'attempting a fix'.

I carried on working whilst all this went on, and after about ten minutes I was told that the fix had failed, and I was advised to 'try again later'. I have continued working, and all seems fine - at no time was the computer slowed by all the goings on, and Norton tells me 'You are protected'.

What about you - have you had a similar experience, or has Norton 360 done something else unexpectedly? Please don't post here if all is humming along nicely - we want to hear about problems in this thread.

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After above had to reboot system - on this occasion N360 allowed me to select C or D drive without crashing however any attempt to check any of the selected categories to see what was being added to the list caused it to freeze again.

After 1st reboot N360 refused to startup.

2nd reboot and N360 did initialise but the system was running like treacle.

3rd reboot and system ran normally

N360 backup now allows me to add folders to the backup regime but when the window opens to tell me that files/folders have been added its blank.

The backup utility also seems to insist on checking files within folders that have not been selected for backup - e.g. Music folder

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Another reboot this time caused when Firefox crashed taking N360 with it.

Now noticed that N360 is extremely slow to load taking almost a full minute longer than the rest of the system on startup.

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Im gradually working through N360 and have come across a few little issues;

Norton insight;

Norton classes wlkeeper.exe as not to be trusted !

Wrong, this is related to my Intel(R) PRO Network wireless card. WLKeeper.exe is a process associated with a wireless lan application from Intel.

Norton classes msacore.exe as not to be trusted.

Wrong,this is Mcafee Site Advisor.

Norton classes stsystra.exe as not to be trusted.

Wrong this is my Sound card driver.

I know some of the exe files can be disguised as malware,but not on this machine...its clean.

No matter what configuration im trying with Firefox,it now opens to the blank page and not my home page...only since N360 installation.

Firefox is configured correctly to show my Homepage.

No problems i know of with IE7...yet !

Regarding the Registry Cleanup....unless im missing something,im really not happy.
No prompt to create the reg backup,or even a system restore point.
(from experience,i manually create my backup)
Wont shout to loud ..just in case ive missed something.

Registry cleaner with no backup....what ever next...---...ok im shouting now !

Flags a tracking cookie with the virus scanner,but gives no details of the tracking cookie !

The virus and spyware definitions database is currently at 37876 at 18.35pm 12/01/09 fully updated,this seems a very low defintions database,unless variants are compacted.

Firewall so far seems good but have not added any of my own configurations....maybe i wont need to.

My biggest gripe so far is the lack of a reg backup and N360 Insight, wrongly flagging system processses.

These processes are common and though can be disguised/renamed as Malware.....N360 is being over cautious with false positives.

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I am giving up on running Insight, I have tried and tried to get it to complete without success.

One of thing I have noticed with Insight is that when it is running the control panel (Norton's that is) won't minimize, leaving it on the desktop. When using any other part of Norton the control panel minimizes.

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Just to add;

last update was 19 hours ago,just carried out a manual update and N360 says all definitions are upto date.

Now i thought that would have been added to within this time.

N360 backup

As a trial experiment i decided to backup to C: (main drive).
The backup is apparently carried out ok and verified,when trying to open the backup to explore the contents...windows crash's briefly.

Though going through N360 and backup/restore files...it justs hangs and has to be shut down manually.Though the files can be viewed through file types....but wont restore.

Looks like a few teething problems at the moment.

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After 'justme' reported on the results of the quick scans on their system I have checked the scans on mine over the last three days at different times of the day.

12 minutes 07 seconds 4,792 files scanned
21 minutes 23 seconds 4.540 files scanned
09 minutes 07 seconds 4,684 files scanned
04 minutes 49 seconds 4,377 files scanned
03 minutes 48 seconds 4,342 files scanned

I too am puzzled as to why the files scanned are all different. I'd have thought the quick scan would have scanned the same number of files?

I have Ashampoo Antispyware installed and on one occassion - second in list - I ran Ashampoo before the scan and it detected two tracking cookies. I left them and ran Norton quick scan. Quick scan only detected one of these cookies.

My question on this is "does Norton grade tracking cookies, say low, medium and high risk. Or, should Norton detect all tracking cookie?"

Norton help menu says about Quick Scan:
"Performs a fast scan of the areas that are most likely to be affected by security risks that are running on your computer. Run Quick Scan if you don't have time for a Comprehensive Scan but suspect that a security risk is running on your computer."

So is Norton change the priorities of the affected areas most likely to be a security risk at every quick scan???

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It gets better now;

Back to Insight;

This is just hilarious,Firefox is classed as not trusted click here and thats Firefox version 3.0.5

Is Symantec geared towards IE only ?

The more im using this N360,the more i stand by my old ways regarding Symantec products.

So far in my opinion,the best thing to come from Symantec to date is the Norton Labs UAC tool for Vista.

I totally understand its a Beta product,but if the basics and fundamental understanding is not there...what real hope does Symantec have in a very competitive market.

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I take it back regarding the tracking cookie.....ive found where the details are stored. Doh !!

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Zaphod 3

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I have noticed that it appears not to be updating. The main page says last update 21 hours ago but it has just done a background update, and I have forced an update. It still says last one 21 hours ago.

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Since you posted i decided to reboot to see if the update scenario changes.....now it says from 19hrs ago to 21 hrs ago...... looks like plenty of bugs to iron out.
Manual update via liveupdate confirms it is upto date.

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