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how to connect ps3


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I have PC with USB broadband modem. No router. A router is available, but not in use and yet to be explored as an option

I have Xoom which works with locally available WiFi access. The catch is the browser must be used to access the page to acknowledge and accept the conditions of using the WiFi access.

I have PS3 that fails to connect via WiFi with DNS error 80710102. I normally wouldn't bother. But I feel I'm missing out on a big functional capability of the PS3. When I started to try recently, amidst the PSN debacle, I figured bad coincidence and waited it out.

Now, I sense I'm not doing it right. Anyone in similar situation that has already worked it out?

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Inept Pig

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Who is your WiFi with? Perhaps they have help pages for people looking to connect the PS3 - obviously, there's also a browser on the PS3 console; but I suspect that you've already tried that.

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Forum Editor

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Use your router, and disable Universal Plug n Play via the PS3 interface.

1.Open a browser window and enter the router's IP address into the navigation bar. For most routers, the default IP address is

  1. Enter the username and password used to access the router. Press "OK" and the console application will be shown in the browser window.

  2. Click the "Password" tab. The UPnP settings are located in the same window as the router's password settings.

  3. Select "Disable" from the box labeled "UPnP" and click the "Save" button. Close the router's console window. Start the PS3 and connect to the Internet.

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Thanks for the responses!

@Inept Pig

Which came first? Chicken or the egg? The PS3 never gets past the connection test. Most of the times I go through the setup, IP address is obtained. But then it "times out" and I get the error code 80710102. The browser doesn't have a connection to connect to. Error code 80130182.

With the Xoom, IP address is obtained and I go straight to the browser. There is then a page where I acknowledge and accept. Then I'm off to the Wild World Web.

With the PS3, it can't multitask. Either I go through the setup and fail, or I use the browser and fail.

@Forum Editor

The router is not in use and is yet to be explored (learning curve).

I was somewhat surprised my Xoom worked out of the box connecting to the internet with just a few entries. That is not the case with the PS3.

The WiFi that the Xoom uses is not mine, but is locally and legally accessible.

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For those who are in same predicament--usb dongle broadband and no router--I eventually was able to connect the PS3 to the internet.

Since both the PS3 and the pc laptop have a NIC (network interface card), I used a 5e ethernet crossover cable to connect the two. I configured the PS3 internet settings through the wired protocols. I then had to ensure the configurations for both the wired NIC and the USB wireless on my laptop was appropriate.

I entered the web via the laptop and tested the PS3 internet settings ... and found success.

PS3's Puppy Linux is/was slow as heck flipping back and forth on the online manuals. Hope the rest of the Sony experience isn't as retardando.

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