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Midway Arcade

Inept Pig

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This is quite nice - buy old Midway titles for a small fee and relive the glory days of your youth on titles that were so much better than the current crop of all surface, no feeling gameplay.

click here

There's some that are best avoided, but then there's the likes of Gauntlet 2, Spy Hunter, Defender, Super Off-Road, APB... All for a low, low price.

Worth a look...

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Forum Editor

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that is so responsibly designed. Clearly and comprehensively worded privacy policy and terms of use, and altogether a thoroughly professional approach.

I'm far too young to remember the games, though.

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Robotron 2084. My favourite arcade game OF ALL TIME.


and, er, Bubbles.

All worth your time, imo.


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Inept Pig

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Not too long ago, on a place quite different to this, I made quite a fuss about games being 'abandoned' and left in uncertain legal limbo, with people still wanting to potentially sample the games of their youth - but having no legal outlet to do so.

MAME is, of course, entirely legal - but the issue of the MAME ROMS has always seemed (to me, at least) slightly more sticky - I remember that there was site called STARROMS which seems to be defunct now, but the premise of it seemed to be selling legal ROMS.

Happy to be corrected, not really something I've ever looked into all that much!

I can remember playing Super Off-Road and Spy Hunter in the Arcades of North Wales (look, it was always raining, so I was hardly likely to be outside doing more normal things was I?) - 20p a go, fabulous fun - none of this credits costing a whole pound for two minutes of confusion as you try to figure out what's happening before finding out you're dead...

Arcade machines - another thing that has definately changed since my youth - every other game (in my admittedly small local arcade) seems to by gun-based or to do with driving things very, very fast, where's the lovely diversity that we used to have??

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Arcades are dead to me, and have been for decades. I recently re-visited Blackpool after a 20 year gap, and the arcades are a travesty of what they once were, imo. That place was our gaming Mecca! I got caught up in the arrival of Space Invaders, Galaxian etc. back in the day. MAME is superb, and that's all I'll say, lol. For reference, I'm nigh on 39.

The best games are mostly shooters, imo, and do not offer the continuation feature (ie Stick more money in to continue from where you left off). Pretty much anything beyond 1983/84 is ruined by this feature, imo. I like games where you have a limited (although you can still earn extra) number of lives.

My favourite arcade games:-

Robotron 2084
Defender and Stargate
Moon Cresta
Galaga (but Glaxian is better, imo!)
Battle Zone (got a great set up for this one on my PS1, with a humungous analog double joystick!)
Frogger and Bubbles are good, too

PS. I remember the first time I tried to play Spy Hunter. I didn't know about the existence of the accelerator pedal, and demanded my money back from a bemused arcade 'engineer', lol.

Ah, the good old days.........

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