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What's next for xbox?


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Now 3 and a bit years into the 360's life what will the "xbox 720" have? I'm sure it's in development....

I am hedgng my bets on more power under the hood built in wifi and blu-ray. And a team for the sole purpose of improving reliabilty over the 360's - though the motherboard revisions and such in the 360 makes it very solid now.

I can't see them doing anything else except maybe 'motion sensing' in the controllers but I am NOT interested in that. Nintendo cornered that market and Sony made a pigs ear of it.

Part from the above the xbox has way more going for it than it's competitors.

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Well, I had five years of purely PC gaming before I bought this 360, seven weeks ago. I bought GRAW for it, and the pad is just too slow and cumbersome for it to be worthwhile, imo.

Btw, crosstrainer, there are quite a few really cheap (esp. 2nd hand) 360 games on sale now. Apart from GTA4, which was bundled with my 360, this is all I've paid so far:-

Dynasty Wariors 5 empires, new, £9.97
GRAW, 2nd hand, £5
PGR3, 2nd hand, £5
PES6, 2nd hand, £2
Earth Defence Force 2017 (which I love to bits!), 2nd hand, £8

and a couple of original Xbox games (I never owned an original Xbox):-

Crimson Skies and Soul Calibur 2, £4 each, 2nd hand.

If you are interested in getting any original Xbox games for your 360, here's a list of games that work okay:-

click here

I printed it out, and take it with me on "software hunts", lol.

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grey george

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I got fed up with keep having to upgrade my pc every time I brought a new game so I brought an original xbox, strange thing was as soon as the 360 was launched it broke. Because I had a few old games I really liked I went for a 360 only to find that most of the old ones will never be compatible, perhaps because my favourites were some of the less popular ones. Oh yes my 360s has been repaired twice and I know have a large fan cooling it. How can a major technology manufacturer produce a machine with such a basic fault. Any one in to computer gaming knows cooling is essential.
So what’s the future? Well reliability and confidence must be restored. But as I said at the start I change to a consol to avoid having to upgrade my pc now it seems every three or so years I have to upgrade my consol. (unlike a pc I have to throw it away as I can’t upgrade a few components) The 360 and ps3 were really launched on the wave of HD tv, until a new must have is invented I see little hope of mass sales for new expensive consol. Oh yes and some decent games wouldn’t go a miss. I don’t want to be forced to watch cut scenes just so the coders can prove how lifelike their creations are. Many games are infuriating when there are supposed to be entertaining. Why have a driving game were you get the best car when you’ve finished the game, and if your not that skilled you never get to use half the cars? (After all you paid for the full game) we don’t all want to go online and get annihilated by a bunch of teenagers.
Maybe the consul will die out as computers become cheaper; we will have several around the home for different tasks. Perhaps a high-powered home server. What would be nice is a home simulation room with surround screens and a mechanical hydraulic cradle so flight and driving games would be fantastic. I don’t think the FPS games want to become much more realistic I really don’t like getting shot.

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