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Motorola Gleam Plus - help please?


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Hi... I've recently won a Sim-free Motorola Gleam Plus. It's a basic but useful phone. However, as a newcomer to mobile phones, I'd appreciate clarification on a couple of points, if possible from someone who uses the same phone. Query 1: I decided to use a 'Talk Mobile' Sim-card for my phone (simple,cheap tariff)

To test the phone, I first called my landline and left a message. No problem. Then I did the reverse, calling the Gleam from my landline. However, this time it went straight to Talk Mobile's voicemail and the Gleam didn't ring at all!

I contacted Talk Mobile with the same query and found them less than helpful. All they could venture was that my ringtone appears to be set so that when the mobile is called it goes straight to voicemail.

I've checked and re-checked the info on ringtones and there's simply no info on connecting ringtone to Voicemail - only the option to choose from a list of ringtones. Annoyingly, even in the full manual there's barely a mention of Voicemail at all!...Nothing on how to customize or change or how it may or may not be influenced by ringtone. I suspect though Talk Mobile are just hopeless.

I did try getting some info from Motorola itself...but only link I could find is Motorola's US site and though possible to contact them, they first must know the exact phone you're contacting them about. However, the list they have does not contain the Gleam!! Far as I know, there's no UK-based site. So much for that idea!

So, in short I can ring out, but whoever rings me goes straight to voicemail! Surprise, surprise, if I then wish to access voicemail, I incur a charge from Talk Mobile!

QUERY 2: Minor point, but on the Gleam's home screen, top left, it gives signal strength and indication if ringtone is off/on via a musical note icon.

My ringtone is showing. However, there's also an 'E' next to it. Again, there's no indication in the manual what that 'E' stands for. Maybe 'Exasperation'?? Any ideas or suggestions on either of these niggles? Many thanks

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The e stands for EDGE. It is simply a reference to the type of 3g signal you are receiving.

Try Settings-Call Settings for changing call forwarding.

This may be of some help. There is a downloadable PDF under one of the links.


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Hi Xox101...thanks for taking time to reply. Had already checked out the CW link...but proved of no use. Thanks for the clarification 'E'='Edge'...Why on earth couldn't Motorola or Talk Mobile not just explain that somewhere obvious in the first place? You don't say if you own or have owned a Gleam: so, regarding Call Settings, I can't see any menu link for 'Call Forwarding'. There is one for 'Call Divert' but can you explain why that may help? Does 'Call Forwarding' perhaps actually refer to: 'forward to Voicemail'? I'm a novice at all this stuff, so forgive my ignorance...


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