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lower multiple audio file volume levels, at once?


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I am using audacity to lower wav and mp3 volume levels (using its 'normalisation' effect at -10 dB). I need to do this for over 20 audio files, as I am creating a family dvd with multiple photo galleries, each having their own background music. If I do not lower the volume, all of the sound is far too loud on the final dvd playing on any tv and headphones. The program I am trying to make my dvd galleries does not having a volume levelling option (corel moviefactory) for added audio.

So I am wondering if there is a similar tool to audacity that would lower the volume of all my audio files automatically, if I stated which folder they were all in? I do not need to have differing volume levels for each file, only to lower them all in general (eg by -10dB as above) and then let the program do its job. Can anyone recommend anything?

thanks very much for any help

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Lazarus The 2nd

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corel moviefactory 7 Manual click here

Page 50

Burning your disc,

Under 2,

"Normalize audio Prevents irregular audio levels during playback of your
movie. Different video clips may have different audio recording levels when
created. When these video clips are put together, the volume could vary
greatly from one to another. To make volume levels consistent between clips,
Normalize audio function evaluates and adjusts the audio waveform of the
whole project to assure a balance audio level throughout the video."


Batch Normalization using Audacity click here

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hi, thanks for the reply :) I found out the normalisation feature in moviefactory only works if I add video, and not any photo galleries I create, so I would not need to use it. when I do add video clips, I believe most to be loud enough as it is (even if some clips are slightly lower than others, the "normalisation" effect would not help in lowering any video that I believed to be of a high enough level already!).

normalisation in moviefactory is not available for any photo galleries I would create with added audio/music, but even if it was, I would doubt if it would let me lower any volume levels, which is what I was wanting to do-it would probably, as you say, only try to increase the volume of all my videos to a similar level. audacity was my best best, as I could lower volume levels by setting normalisation levels to less than 0.

I didnt realise that batch processing was available for audacity, thanks for the link

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MP3Gain does this.

click here

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