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Phone under £120

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Hi I am looking for a Smartphone/Touchscreen Phone. I would like it to be on Pay as you Go. Would like to have a decent touchscreen. Have checked out Samsung, Sony, Nokia and so on. Any advice

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i have had friends buy this phone and give me great reviews,i am saving up for it aswell and its under £120mhere is the link

click here

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Am buying the Tocco Lite in Silver.

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I'm with DJ.Ryan. I have the Samsung Monte and for the price, it's just about unbeatable! It has 3G, wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS and the touchscreen works very well. Battery life is good too which is something you don't usually find with touchscreen phones.

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After a lot of looking about, (see my question below) I got a good pay as you go deal with (tesco) Nokia5230. It was £79 and I chose it because it did everything I need including maps. I would suggest a larger size especially as you are paying up to £120 and this one isn't too good with mobile advisor forums (ooops) but it seems fine with everything else.

i was always a samsung fan before but many people have said that the voice quality at their end has been excetionally good...that is what a phone is for so it seems good to me.

The touchscreen is good and (probably the same with all smart phones) turn it sideways and there is a qwerty keyboard.

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I have a samsung monte. It does its job as a phone, and if you dont mind touchscreens for texting (no 'real' buttons apart from the general power and camera), its quite good.

Flaws Ive found:
- only has a 3 megapixel camera, and no flash, in high resolution the camera and its video recording frame rate can be low/slow.
- although it does support wifi (so you can browse in a library or using your home router for free), I am having problems with it working on O2 pay as you go (although I think its an issue with all O2 sim cards and not the phone- so Id get an asda sim if on pay as you go, or go contract, as an O2 sim may eat up all your balance after your payasyougo free calls and texts run out each month)
- not the phone for anyone that enjoys games on their mobile, as touchscreen games are hard to come by, although it may be able to run most games, you need real buttons to play them, which the monte lacks!
- most websites work, but a few do not, it may state that it has not enough memory to continue, or simply isnt compatible with its content. it doesnt happen often at all, but it does happen! it also cannot run streaming content such as videos from earthcam

Thumbs up:
- great battery! lasts for days, mine is still new, but I found it to be much better than the one on the n900 I had previously
- internet browsing in general is quite good, you can install different browsers (bolt, opera) as well as the one thats built in and choose your favourite.
- the phone can also play mp4 video, so you can convert your dvds and play them off your phone if you wish.
- alot of nice editing options for the basic built in cameras photos/recorded video.
- the phone also has a bult in fm radio which even lets you record from it to mp3. very handy! you can even download streaming internet radio apps from its default "widget" website straight from your phone. for other applications, it also has default support for calendar memos, a dictionary, mobile youtube, facebook, twitter, what youd expect.

Id give it 7 out of 10, as its still pretty expensive, and for the cash I wouldve expected a better camera and more ram memory

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