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Freeview changesges - channel moves


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From yesterday - Better - Not for me its worse worse
There was a time when Sky ,Dave and a fewothers I could get
Then some time in the past that 'block though display on the EPG when clicked said no event information.
OK I could live without SKY3 and I could get DaJaVu
Then last night No DaJaVu- Tonight a card telling me to re tune.
So I did- what did I get?
I'll tell you all - I got nozzing in that group at all - all gone- All the other channels simply moved up
Channel 11,19,25 possibly others that I would no know about - gone.

Will go and rattle the connectors later - perhaps the heat has caused then to creep
Still gives us something to do I guess.
A look on the FreeView Info site apart from announcing the changes and telling us about RT going 24/7 - no comment could be found

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Setting up my recorder for this evening viewing I noticed that it listed Ch 1 as BBC 1
and Ch2 as BBC2 etc., normally but above BBC1 there was Dav ja vue listed as channel 800 and something
I clicked it and sure it enough it was there but broken up and blocky.
Back to TV I typed in Channel DaJaVu wss working on
it put up no such channel?
So what is that all about?

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What transmitter do you receive from?

The appearance of a channel in the 800 range is usually because it's from a second weaker transmitter.

On some boxes the appearance in the 800 range can cause a problem with the stronger main channel - Humax seem to be particularly bad in this area.

Have you tried a manual tune, rather than an auto tune and just tuning to the transponders you should be receiving?

Have you tried resetting the box before retuning?

Has your area yet gone through DSO (digital switch over)?

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Chrystal Palace- approx 15 mls - clear view

The digital 'box'- Sony digital TV and Digital Recorder.
The recorder can seemingly pick up stuff the TV does not- all on the same 'wire'

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Take a look at click here which lists the Channel Numbers in full.

However you should be using:

Channel 22 ITV1, C4, Five etc (Reduced Power)
Channel 25 BBC1 , 2 etc
Channel 28 BBC and BBC Radio
Channel 29 Film 4 and oddments
Channel 32 ITV3 and similar (Reduced Power
Channel 34 Dave, Sky 3, Sky News

The odd channels you find in the 800 region are probably from local relays or even the next main transmitter.

If it's possible I'd start off by reseting the Sony to Factory defaults, then select Manual Tune and Add Ch 22, 25, 28. 29, 32, 34. This should make sure you aren't receiving any other transmissions.

If that doesn't work then I'd look at your antenna and the cabling.

Finally I'd consider a fault with the Sony.

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If your tv is in the list linked below

click here

It probably WON'T work and you will need a modern STB,I know as I have one of the affected models.

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The machine is a Sony KV32 4000
and is not listed so presumably is capable of receiving those missing channels.
Indeed as I said in my piece - it did once
It appears the Mux C group is being blocked perhaps by a high building or my own chimney- who knows.

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