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Disaster! - Mobile phone down toilet..!


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You can probably guessed what happened from the title......

It happened yesterday morning. I did what I've read about on the 'net and instantly retrieved it, took the battery, sim card and memory card out and placed it all on some tissue paper in front of the fire.

All day I tried it at various intervals - but no joy. The battery, sim card and memory card all appeared to be OK as they all worked in my older phone, which thankfully, I still had hanging around somewhere.

Last night however, I tried it again and , joy of joys, it worked and it still is now.

My question is this - is it likely to continue working or is this a brief respite from the inevitable?

I would also like to add that the guy in the T-mobile shop that I went to see about it couldn't have been more helpful but the alleged 'insurance' company that 'covered' the phone were rubbish - heres a brief snippet of the conversation we had on the phone...

Her - "So you dropped it in the toilet this morning"

Me - "Yes, about 7 o'clock"

Her - "OK, so what were you doing at the time?"

Me - "Errrr, what do you think I was doing!?"

They had refused to help out by the way as apparently I hadn't taken enough care when using the phone....

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Did the same thing myself,placed mobile on sloping cistern,you know the rest.Why do we take them to the toilet banyway?

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In case you miss the call from nature???

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"Sometimes it does not pay to be Honest"

You are surely not suggesting that one should defraud an insurance Co.

I would suggest that "It never pays to be dishonest"

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oh it does..

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I once dropped a phone into a glass coke, without spilling it.

Phone beside me on chair but when I stood up it slid of the chair straight into glass of coke on the floor.

I didn't notice initially where it went until I seen the coke fizzing up. :(

Totally destroyed the screen.

Oh and the Insurance gave me a brand new replacement.

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The same was happened to me when i was washing my face,my mobile dropped to besin & i thought it is soap.lol "it was totaly rinsed witn fame & water".
The thing is "Even then also i managed to make him survive as you did" .

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