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PC World does it again!


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In the early hours of this morning, I researched and found a competitively priced External DVD drive that I needed for a project I'm working on. That alone was a surprise, but I have noticed of late, some of PCW's offerings are actually priced realistically. Anyway, without further ado, I confirmed there was stock at my local store and reserved the drive, obtaining my reference number in the process.

Off I went this morning armed with my reference number and duly arrived at the store.

As there were no indications of where one is supposed to collect reserved items (good start), I made my way to the "KnowHow" desk, figuring they would "know how" I should get my drive.

I asked the chap behind the desk who I should turn to and he very pleasantly said he could help me - much better, things are looking up! I gave him my piece of paper with the reference number and he presented it to his computer. Looking a bit puzzled (not so good I thought), he mumbled something about remembering seeing it behind a partition in his section and wandered off to look. Coming back with no drive in sight, made me a little nervous, but our intrepid staff member was not at all put off and turned to his computer to investigate further. He asked for my surname and found the reserved drive booking. Looking even more puzzled, he wandered off into the store and I observed him looking (by now anxiously) at almost empty shelves. (Still no drive).

Returning to me, he turned the screen towards me and explained their stock control(?) system. Apparently, when a stock item is reserved, it remains in stock (not unreasonably) until it is collected and paid for, but reserved (taken away from public consumption) until the end of the agreed day. The system however, was showing zero stock, which meant in theory, one couldn't reserve the item. Furthermore he explained, in order to reserve the item, there should be a minimum of three on the system.

So clearly PCW have major problems with their systems. It's inconceivable that three identical units were pilfered in less than 12 hours and in any case, how is the system showing zero stock?

The bottom line; no drive available.

He said there were some available at a store some 60 miles away, but a: I'm not that desperate and b: after this experience, could I trust the system?

Tellingly, there was no offer of having been inconvenienced, to get one from the other store and telephone me when it was in.

Please understand, this post is not about the young man who tried to help. He was at all times professional in his approach to both me and his employer. Was it is about is a complete mess that is PCW.

Now, as it happens, my local PCW is within walking distance and hey, it's a little towards my fitness regime. But imagine if I'd travelled a distance to get this product, I would have been well upset.

Caveat emptor, particularly if it's PC World.

As for me, I'll go back to getting stuff on-line at (normally) a better price and service.

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With regards to the PM question, I would suspect, but I could well be wrong as usual, that the now absence of this useful tool might have something to do with retaining emails etc, which would perhaps prove extra work, expense and inconvenience for PC Advisor?.

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I think an edit button would be good seeing that to add anything extra that you forgot or edit something that you see after does not read the way you thought it did and you have to put in another reply to the thread which might be right down the page from the original. I know someone will say the reply as will be printed is underneath but I use it and still forget something that I was going to say.

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wee eddie

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I say NO to an Edit Button.

Recently, on another Forum, I was involved in a Thread and replied to the main point.

Possibly as a result of my Comment, the Originator of the Thread then Edited his Post and completely changed its meaning, making my comment appear asinine.

I think that the request for the reinstatement Private Message Button has merit, but am not aware of the reason for its removal which may be pertinent to Site Security or the Law.

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I was in PC World yesterday.

Salesman told me that the terms and conditions published on their website are false, and that they don't accept anything back under the DSR unless it is faulty!

How, in this day and age, do they continue to get away with feeding customers with this false and misleading information?

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"How, in this day and age, do they continue to get away with feeding customers with fake and misleading information?."

I would imagine that the answer is rather very simple. They like all big and some not so big organisations have no fear of the supposed watchdogs that this country as. There could also be a rather large element of doubt, regarding people's knowledge of consumer laws. Even the Small Claims court can fail, when people have actually won their case.

Consumer Direct as now been discontinued, in favour of providing limited funding to the CAB (a voluntary organisation), who are now fearful that they will not have the facilities or expertise to cope!.

So perhaps that is how things work in this day and age?.

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