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Virgin Media


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Since October I have had trouble with broadband speed.

Regular periods of between 2 & 4 Mbps, and when I signed in here just 0.51mbps.

I am on up to 20Mbps, never achieved that. I occasionally, and I mean occasionally receive 14Mbps but the majority is 8 or under with long period of under 4. Worst of the constant total breaks in supply.

I can’t trust it for banking or Skyping.

I have been advised I am being upgraded to 60. I would settle for a guaranteed 10.

I have put in 3 complaints to Virgin but have frankly been plain bullshitted.

I have the phone – broadband – TV package.

How do I get Virgin to act honestly? Do I have to change, and are all broadband suppliers tarred with the same brush?

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I've been reading this thread so I thought I would relate my dealings with VM. My connection has been very patchy since July last year, the problem I am getting is packet loss of anything up to 50% which not acceptable in anyone's books.

I went to their community forum and had one of the VM engineers check my connection and found a problem at their server, they also generated a ticket number and gave that to me, I wasn't satisfied that this isn't going to be repaired until April/May this year, so I wrote them a letter enclosing the ticket number and the ping logs telling them I wasn't satisfied paying for a broken service, I didn't phone them because I don't do India.

A few days later I got an email from one of their customer service staff apologising and offering to halve the cost of my service until its fixed. Although it isn't going to get my connection fixed I have accepted that as they are aware of the problem and they are going to repair it in due course, if it isn't then I'll continue with the discount. It slows down mostly in the evenings, which of course is the time that I want to use the internet, but I'll be patient.

I suspect they are not going to repair it until the doubling of the speed that is going to happen around that time for our area.

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CEO Office came back to me today. Basically confirming that the past months I have been bull shitted.

As with Octal it will continue to at least April/May, with same offer of reduced price.

I am moving in 18 months so the hassle of changing is not worth it.

I expect VM is on a par with other ISP’s. But that is not a compliment considering there shouting of how good they are.

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9shouting of how good they are.]

Maybe come back to haunt you when you join your next ISP.Hope not but you never know.

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