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A cautionary tale about PC Specialist


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Hi all, I'm new on this site, but I wanted to share a recent experience with a company called PC Specialist, in case anyone was considering buying from them. My experience might be of interest to anybody in the market for a new desktop PC.

I ordered a bespoke computer from PC Specialist because I needed wireless internet access for my home office, and few off-the-shelf computers provide this. My custom-built PC duly turned up and worked for around two hours, before the wireless internet connectivity began dropping and reconnecting constantly, randomly failing to identify any wireless network or being unable to connect to the ones it did find. This made the computer impossible to use, given the largely online nature of my work.

I returned the computer to PC Specialist in its original packaging, and left numerous screenshots and video clips on the desktop to illustrate the problem, along with a letter explaining the fault. The computer was away for a week, and when it returned, the problem was even more pronounced. Apart from a sticker with a repair number on it, there was no indication that anything had been done to repair it - in a later phone conversation, someone at PC Specialist openly admitted that no repair had been attempted, and the computer was simply sent back to me unfixed.

At this point, I demanded a refund under the Sale of Goods Act, and was assured by a staff member at PC Specialist that this would be actioned within four working days. Instead, I received an automated message on the appointed day saying the computer had been dispatched to me again. This was sent an hour before PC Specialist officially opened, and when I was finally able to get through on the phone, I was told nothing could be done to stop the computer being delivered a third time. Threats, entreaties and pleas for a refund were all flatly ignored - the computer was coming back and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it, despite the previous promises of a refund. Sure enough, the computer arrived back two days later, with key software deleted off the hard drive and the connectivity problem still unfixed.

I am now left with a £600 computer that is unfit for purpose, forcibly returned against my express and explicit wishes by a company whose abdication of responsibility relies on blaming a "software" problem for the repeated failure of the (hardware) wireless card. Based on my experiences, I cannot recommend PC Specialist in any way.

Hope this story is of use to anyone considering a new computer, and thanks for reading.

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I bought my current PC from PC Specialist 18 months ago and I will not be buying from them again.

It is a bespoke PC that I custom made but when it arrived it did not work. I had to post it back to the firm for repair three times in the first 6 weeks before it worked properly. Huge waste of time.

Thankfully the PC worked and has done since after the third repair. But it was a big headache and stress for me.

I guess what you can say about PC Specialist is that their prices are slightly less than their competitors which is why I used them in the first place to save about £75 or whatever. I'm not going to be saving pennies again.

(Edited to remove a comment that contravened forum rules - Forum Editor 08:38 07/01/12)

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Just to balance Richardreds comment. I bought my 2.66 Gh Dual Core PC specialist Computer in November 2006. Apart from the DVD RW which I had to replace last month it has worked absolutely fine. I wish the 'damn' thing would break so I can get a new one - from PCS of course!

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