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Has anyone used this service, or one like it, to initiate and check a small claims court proceeding?

I wish to start a claim against a former landlord, who is unreasonably withholding my security deposit, but I'm not sure how to handle a small claims court claim.

service website

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If the variation of the original order is "perverse" you could have, in certain situations, appealed it. Did you go see a solicitor? If not, you should perhaps have done so.

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Thanks for tip on copying names, whether I will remember it or not is, at this point, open to conjecture on the part of my memory!

With regard to the comments about the "pretty little solicitor" came about because we had told Magnet and Southern what we were going to do. You have to wait 28 days after starting the action at the court building, which we did and I then went to the court building to see what happened when the waiting period was up, and it was then that I was informed that as M&S had not submitted a defence or any statement and, as a result, my wife and I had won. We had had to use our back door because the way the front door had fallen apart and had jammed in the frame and we had not had it open for some 2 or 3 months because we could not afford the repair without getting our monies from M&S. So I was extremely happy to go home and tell my wife the problem was almost over, all we just had to do was attend the hearing, which I was informed would last about 5 minutes but could be extended to 10 minutes, and that would be that. When we arrived the "pretty little solicitor" was already there chatting up the judge ( for how long? we had no way of knowing nor of what she said to convince the judge as we were not given any chance to challenge the decision as the judge went straight on with the case! ), and my wife just wanted it over and done with, with no fuss so we could be on our way. But the judge just turned upside down what we had been told - so who to believe? - and then was inclined not to allow me to make a statement because of the form I had signed and which he had proceeded to tear up for M&S but which he was expecting me to stand by! I do not call that justice in any sense, but the legal profession closing ranks to help their clients but not someone who hasn't got a solicitor

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