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4 Months for a Mesh PC and still Waiting


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OK I hear Mesh computers are good. In fact PC Adviser and all the other trash computer magazines out there will lead us to believe that Mesh ranks amongst the best. However after having waited 4 months and still waiting I don't care how good Mesh PCs are. In my eyes the Company simply don't care. Full STop. Buy a Mesh and ignore this advise at your own PERIL!

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This has to be a record.
Problem solved and goods delivered in about 3.5 days.
Excellent I hope it was worth the wait.

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I agree with jledge.

Mesh computers may seem attractive - low prices and high specs, but if anything goes wrong you are entirely on your own. Their Customer Services is non-existant. I am having to take them to court for a computer I bought from them nearly 2 years ago which suffered random crashes and BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and other problems virtually from delivery. They seem to have a well worked out set of delaying tactics to stop you from returning a computer for repair within warranty.

As for Computer magazines I would not slag off PC Advisor but I would say to the Editor that most PC magazines are far too concerned about tech specs and lab performance tests and not nearly enough about the 'customer experience' of a pc make. It was on the basis of a glowing report in PC Advisor that I bought the Mesh mentioned above. If the magazine had taken the trouble to report on the parlous state of Mesh's Customer Services and the utterly appalling 'customer experience' I was going to have I might well have gone for another make. So the magazine's slant towards specification and performance helped me make entirely the wrong buying decision. A computer may be really fast but if it breaks what can the buyer expect in terms of Customer Service? Computer magazines should 'test' the Customer Services of companies that make computers, and put the results in a league table online. I wish I had known about Mesh before being stupid enough to buy one!

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Forum Editor

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I agree with jledge.

Do you now - I thought you said "I would not slag off PC Advisor"?

Calling us a "trash computer magazine" is likely to get absolutely zero in terms of assistance as far as I'm concerned, but let's look at what you say.

"most PC magazines are far too concerned about tech specs and lab performance tests and not nearly enough about the 'customer experience' of a pc make"

How would you suggest that we make judgements about suppliers' customer service operations? I'm interested in hearing how you would set about making statements in print that you could absolutely rely on as being true. Let's take a fictitious company, one that sells 5000 computers a month. Suppose 200 of those go wrong, and their owners contact the company about it. Let's say for argument's sake that a quarter of those people have a difficult time getting anywhere, so they're unhappy.

How would we get to know about that, and even if we did, what kind of a judgement would we make? Out of 60,000 customers in a year, 600 of them received bad service. Are you suggesting that we should "report on the parlous state of the company's customer services, and the utterly appalling 'customer experience'"?

If you are suggesting that, you're way off the mark. We would find ourselves on the wrong end of a court action for defamation in double-quick time.

"So the magazine's slant towards specification and performance helped me make entirely the wrong buying decision."

We reviewed a computer, not a company. It's what we do - report on our findings, based on a machine that was submitted to us. We didn't publish a "glowing report" about the supplier, we published it about a computer. We've been reviewing machines since 1995, and we know how to do it. You made your buying decision based on our review. It's not for us to say to people 'Don't buy from company X, they sold 60,000 machines last year, and 600 people had a bad customer experience'.

If you have a problem with a supplier we're here to try to help, and over the ten years we've been running this forum we've helped thousands of people to resolve problems with hundreds of companies. We'll help you, too, despite the insulting way in which you've used our forum to voice your anger.

You've posted a separate thread about your problem, and I've drawn it to your supplier's attention on your behalf. If things go as they usually do you should find that you get a response from the company fairly soon. In the meantime I'll ask you not to make any further rude remarks about us, based on a lack of understanding about the way we work.

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