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The point of qualifications, for a fair days work, for a fair days pay?.


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Over the years there have been on a number of occasions, comments made of qualifications or ability to do a job, Whether that is how to build computers or some of the far more serious sides of life, and this topic perhaps more so recently, as raised its head on this forum.

Two examples recently on this forum, was the death of a child, and a central heating problem. In each of these discussions/debates the qualifications of the people directly involved in the incidents, came for some criticism or doubt of competence. Whether that be a social worker or a central heating engineer, all with approved qualifications or seemingly so. And what those qualifications might be worth in real terms, now and the future?.

I recall the days when paper qualifications meant very little, except a full term apprenticeship, in one or more of the then major trades. If you could prove that you were competent in doing the job applied for, the job was usually yours. Even the likes of Bank Manager's or Nurses had to climb the ladder of promotion?.

Which brings me to the reason why I have raised this issue for possible discussion or debate. Yesterday I was with a person who had spent well over 35 years as a plumbing and heating engineer, employing people in the process. Two years ago, he decided that he had had enough, and gave that business up. He said that his main work in later years, was repairing or putting right other peoples work. In some cases it was costing more to rectify this work, than the actual job should have, if done correctly in the first place. Customer's were thinking that he was charging to much, to rectify a job that had already been done, was the every increasing impression. A fair days work for a fair days pay?.

What was surprising was how this person referred to the fact of how some of these 'qualified' people (in his industry and many others) had obtained those 'approved' qualifications, by possibly paying £2000.00, spending a few days at a 'training school/college' sit an 'exam' and you could then enter the world where he had to serve a five year apprenticeship, and gained his experiences by 'being trained'.

It would be interesting to hear a few views on this subject, from other forum member's?.

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