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New diabetic driving rules


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In July last year, I received a letter from the DVLA which stated “We have received information from the police”. The letter went on to say that as a result of that information they “now needed to make confidential enquiries about my medical fitness to drive”.

I was required to arrange and undertake an eye test. The letter explained that if I failed to arrange this within 21 days, my licence may have to be revoked. So, I complied.

After much to-ing and fro-ing I was in due course advised that my licence was revoked from 10th November.

Following receipt of the original letter I have asked the DVLA for some or all of the following,

  1. the date time and place of the incident
  2. Which police station was involved
  3. The identity of the officer(s) concerned
  4. What was the incident

All to no avail. The DVLA’s response was simply that they “require me to complete the questionnaire” and return it but how could I? I was being asked to comment on something which may, or may not have been serious enough to call an incident and which happened at some time at some mysterious location and may or may not have been witnessed by a police officer whose location and identity the DVLA were refusing to disclose.

The way in which the DVLA has handled this matter is extremely questionable, especially as the police have, as yet, found no trace of any such report, but this will be the subject of further correspondence.

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HondMan If it is any consolation you will probably find it cheaper to take taxi's everywhere you go (as long as it is local journeys) than pay the upkeep of a vehicle. Reading what the AA and RAC etc., say about the annual upkeep of a vehicle makes horrendous reading.

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Trawling the DVLA web site- medical requiremets etc says quite clearly diabetes is of itself not notifyable if diet and/or tablet managed

They do say that combinatios of non notifyable conditios may alter this.

On the general theme I wondetr if this yet another spoof from places east of calais

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orry about muliple posts- hiccuping tablet

Failing vision I would say is the crucial factor here. Having recently had cataract procedure I am due to the optitians this Thursday I have a gut feeling what the out come will be.

In which case no 2 daughter has a nice replacement for her old banger coming her way.

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