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This Week Tea & Coffee...


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are good for you again.

It doesn't seem that long since my morning coffee was bad for me!

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Thanks QB ... I might take a wander up there, when the weather picks up, for a brew!

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Hamish and Dougal [you'll have had your tea] might be there:-

DOUGAL: Ah, Hamish!

HAMISH: Dougal!

DOUGAL: You'll have had your tea.

HAMISH: No, as a matter of fact ...

DOUGAL: What a pity. I've just finished mine.

HAMISH: And mine too by the looks of it.

DOUGAL: But I'm looking forward to your company later on.

HAMISH: How would that be, Dougal?

DOUGAL: Oh Hamish, I'm having a musical evening.

HAMISH: Aye, well I'm the same after a baked bean supper.

DOUGAL: No no, man. An entertainment. Jings what fun we'll have.There'll be high jinks in the Glen, and no mistake.

HAMISH: I don't doubt it. But look here! Look here! Will I bring a bottle?

DOUGAL: Bring a bottle, aye!

HAMISH: Very well, I'll bring a bottle, as long as you fill it right up this time. But I'm bursting to know: what on earth have you laid on?

DOUGAL: I dinna ken, but it stained the back of my kilt.

HAMISH: NO, no, the entertainment?

DOUGAL: A rare treat, Hamish. Did you ever see the Edinburgh Tattoo?

HAMISH: Well, I glimpsed it once when you were changing your sporran.

DOUGAL: No, no, I'm talking about the great national spectacle.

HAMISH: So am I.

DOUGAL: Well, tonight's revelry will outdo even that. Young Bobby McTavish will be playing the bagpipes.

HAMISH: And will that be before or after the music?

DOUGAL: Instead of.

HAMISH: Oh I see. An economical alternative.

DOUGAL: And what a player, eh? The things he gets out of those pipes.

HAMISH: Right enough. I've seen him drag a rabbit out of those pipes. And no just the one!

DOUGAL: Well he was infested with the rabbits, poor lad.

HAMISH: I heard he had to shove a ferret up his chanter.

DOUGAL: It brings tears to the eyes.

HAMISH: Aye, you always had a soft spot for ferrets.

DOUGAL: And do you know, I still have. But what am I thinking of. Come away in, man and rest your weary feet. Pull up a chair: there's one in the cellar...

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I do believe that I know those two...

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I do believe I don't want to know them.

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I wish they make up their mind these so called gimmick health people, one minutes its good 4 u and on the other its baf 4 u and do you get the MP's wanting to get into these debates?

I was black tea then green tea then herbal tea then???? what type of coffee instant, coofee machines?????

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