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Mid Staffs failures: who is to blame?

Chronos the 2nd

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I think that the general consensus is no one. I believe 40 doctors were brought before the general medical council but not one was censured same sort of thing with nursing regulatory bodies and obviously no one within the management structure is ever at fault, or rather not enough at fault to take responsibility.

So we have appalling care,appalling management resulting in many unnecessary deaths yet I have heard very few apologies from those directly involved or responsible, in fact I believe promotions and pay rises or retiring rather quickly with a handsome payout are the order of the day.

As with banks there seems to be a point where responsibility for your actions or responsibility for the actions of those underneath you cease to matter and integrity becomes non existent.

Through bad and painful personal experiences with my local health trust I will not, if conscious, attend at least 2 hospitals within the trust,in fact I travel to Leeds from Edinburgh for anything that involves invasive treatment for my condition so terrified am I of being treated by certain aspects of my trust, where you are seen as little more than a condition and a tick on some target or other. Should you complain then the NHS will use all and every means to silence or at least discredit you.

Are the NHS hospital service likely to get better or even change, no danger,no matter what politicians have been spouting. The NHS Hospital service is broken, it is now become overly corporate where vast sums are spent on PR consultants, corporate entertainment,flash offices, yet nurses are stretched so thin that it is extremely difficult for them to function in a way that they should.

Fortunately I have a terrific GP practice without whom it is unlikely that I could post this and I am not being melodramatic and 4 years later I am still struggling to get information as my local trust will use every means to delay providing the requested documentation.

Sorry have detoured somewhat from the main thread but I was trying to point out that the Mid Staffs story of poor care is not an isolated incident and that it is incredibly difficult exposing failings as there is a complacency that seems to permeate throughout the hospital service of the NHS.

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Mid Staffs is not the only hospital trust that's been under investigation, there have been others, and no doubt more will follow.

My own area trust as come under complaint on a number of occasions for various reasons. Change of management all seems to have the same effect, that the new management team will resolve all the previous issues, but this never seems to happen. Because it isn't very long before we hear of another change of team or direction. There's no point in saying the new people "are the very best for the job", and at the same time further mistakes and problems surface. The most alarming part, is the public never get to hear the full story, due to confidentiality. Possibly that is the very same reason the Mid Staffs report is being referred to 'as a whitewash'.

Over the past few years, I have been deeply involved with the local hospital trust, both as a fairly regular patient and otherwise, and while I can say that there are some very dedicated and caring people within the NHS, there are others who are perhaps not so caring or dedicated, and this can include management teams who are trying to reach targets for themselves or possibly the NHS?.

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