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Oh No - I need to spend a penny.


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Or rather the jar full of small change sitting in the fireplace - at least half or the contents are pennies.

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I would be lost without my wallet in my pocket and full of £20 notes. I keep the wallet in a zipped up inside pocket. I've only lost one wallet in my life and that was in London. (Brumas will no doubt attribute that to one of Oliver's pals from a Charles Dickens' era).

When the wallet actually surfaces and the moths have flown toward the nearest light, I take out a note and change it in to smaller denominations by buying a Rum and Ginger Beer. The change goes in to my jacket pocket then so if anybody picks my pocket they will get at the most about fifteen quid. But that is usually spent within an hour by purchasing more drinks. When it has gone I know it is time to go home to bed.

If I need petrol whilst driving I use my debit card in the pay by pump facility and my card is out of my wallet for no longer than necessary. It is then zipped back in to my pocket. Where I am usually stumped is when I am abroad such as in Spain, when I haven't got my jacket with the zipped pocket. I then have to resort to my partner's handbag for its safe keeping. Of course we then have two of us keeping an eye on the handbag. But I have no idea why I like to have a couple of hundred pounds worth of notes in my wallet in the first place, I just do! Funny but when I am abroad in the euro zone I use an FX euro card and hardly touch the actual currency. That usually goes to my grand-daughter for her next trip to Spain.

But I still belong to the type of person who sings the old Bing Crosby song "Pennies From Heaven" I also believe in the old adage "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves".

I suppose one of our old pennies would be big enough to outweigh about six or seven modern type pennies. A pocket-full of the old ones certainly used to put a strain on the stitching.

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wee eddie

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Back to your Small change.

Next time you're in the Supermarket. Go through the Automated Till and use some of your coppers to pay the bill.

I'm a Taxi Driver and shopping trips on Sunday and Monday always involve a little time, filling the slot with small change.

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