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Homophobic post perhaps


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Ok, I know I'm probably asking for trouble here but something I saw yesterday that really irritated both my wife and myself.

Sir Ian McKellen (an actor who I usually have respect for) was interviewed on the Andrew Marr show yesterday morning. I didn't see the entire interview but we were both incredulous at the part where he said he was off to Edinburgh to visit and talk to schools to promote homosexuality and affirm the ideal that it was ok to be gay. He said school children's jaws usually dropped when they heard that it was once possible to be jailed for being in love with someone of the same sex.

As a parent (albeit of offspring now old enough to make their own minds up) I would have been incensed if I thought that sort of message was being sent out to my family in our schools. It is bad enough that so many children's tv programmes portray this as a totally normal alternative.

I don't consider myself to be homophobic, I am opposed to gay marriage per se as I believe marriage should be reserved for the traditional male/female partnership but at the same time I know several gay people and don't have any issue with their relationships - what they do is entirely their own business. I respect them and they respect my opinion.

I just think it is entirely inappropriate that our young people from an early age appear to be having the message thrust on them that this is an entirely open acceptable norm.

Am I wrong?

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FE , would you not agree that we are genetically designed to have sex with a member of the opposite sex ? To do otherwise MUST be an error . I am sorry if my comment causes offence , it was not intended to do so . I served in HM Forces to protect the rights of ALL people in our country , and would gladly do so again if I were young/fit enough .

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Forum Editor

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"would you not agree that we are genetically designed to have sex with a member of the opposite sex ? To do otherwise MUST be an error"

We have certainly evolved to procreate, and thus perpetuate our species, and homosexuals can do that as well as anyone. Gay men are perfectly capable of impregnating women, and Gay women are biologically equipped to have babies. Lots of homosexuals become biological parents.

The difference, and that's all it is, is that lots of people are naturally sexually attracted to members of the same sex, or to members of both sexes. It has always been the case, but it has only been acceptable for gay people to live openly in our society for a relatively short time - it was only in 1967 that an act of parliament made sex in private between two men legal in England and Wales. It was illegal in Scotland until 1980,and until 1982 in Northern Ireland.

The relaxation of the law surrounding homosexuality made it possible for a lot of people to 'come out', and it has largely been that which resulted in the common misconception that homosexuality is on the increase. There have been homosexuals in all levels of society in all countries for many thousands of years, but in the past most of them have been so persecuted that it made sense to them to keep quiet about their sexuality.

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wee eddie

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nickf: I have just finished work and therefore been able to look at the postings following mine, at 4.19pm.

In it I compared Homosexuality to Hair Colouration.

Now, as far as I understand, we don't yet know whether a man or woman becomes a Homosexual as a result of a particular Gene Grouping, or not, but we do know that being a Ginger or a Blond is.

I think that it is only a matter of time before it becomes obvious that being a Homosexual is as much part of Crick & Watson's discovery as is the colour of your hair.

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