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Israel settlements: Netanyahu defies outcry over E-1

Chronos the 2nd

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In their constant quest for real peace with the Palestinians the Israelis plan to build 3,000 new settler homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.And why are the Israelis authorizing the 3,000 additional housing units? Because the UN voted to upgrade the Palestinians to the status of a non-member observer state.
The west and the UN did it's usual finger wagging on hearing this but to little effect.

Israel will do what it always does provoke the Palestinians who of course will fire their ineffectual rockets and that will justify Israel's over the top retaliation in the worlds largest open prison.

Peace as ever is the loser.


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It should be remembered that the high profile news stories are not usually about Israel and Palestine, but Israel and Hamas, an organisation rooted in terrorism (I know, so is Israel) closely allied to that other bastion of Arab Reason, Assad of Syria and his government, who have seized power in a small part part of Palestine, the Gaza Strip.

This organisation totally denies the right of Israel to exist, a policy with which Israel, not unreasonably, does not support.

The Fateh led legitimate government of Paltriness, while not bosom buddies with Israel, does at lest see the value on intermittent dialogue.

I know there are genuinely held differing views on this. Fourm member and I are diametrically opposed (how unusual!) and I suspect we always will be, but he, at least, I know has read all the arguments, and looked at all the evidence and come to a conclusion. So have I, but far to many people, not necessarily on this forum, seem to want to simply repeat the rabid outpourings of the right wing press without attempting to seek any justification for such views.

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if rockets are fired into israel and they then give the palestinans a bloody nose thats ok in my book. but building these settlements is well out of order and just provoking more hatred. am i missing a point cannot see why they are building these settlements.

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" cannot see why they are building these settlements"

The answer might be a very simple one akin to the UK. More people are arriving onto limited space, so land as to be obtained.

When I spent quite a bit of time in the area of Israel, there were a large number of Jewish faith people coming to Israel from place like Russia, Soviet Block and Med States. And most wanted their own communities. In fact one new community area supplied a vast amount of clothing to one particular UK retailer at the time.

Going on the remarks about hatred between the various people, is this really true. Because on my many and varied visits in that part of the world, most people I was involved with wanted no more than peace for themselves and future generations, and that included people who had actually fought in the various wars on all sides. It was only a small faction, who were causing all the heartaches and sorrows.

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Forum Editor

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"am i missing a point cannot see why they are building these settlements".

Because Israel needs more homes for Jews, and because the state sees settlements as a way of expanding Israel's territory.

There are just under six million Israeli Jews in a country that would fit seven times into the British isles. That means that land for housing is important - not all land in Israel is suitable for building houses.

Israel has a population density of 347 people per square kilometre. Compare that to the UK where the density is currently around 257 per square kilometre and you get some idea of how crowded Israel is. Go to Tel Aviv and you'll really see the problem - the city has a density of over 7,500 people per aquare kilometre. The figure for London is just under 5000, and for Manchester and Birmingham it's around 4,000.

Israel also has a problem with illegal immigrants - an estimated 60,000 people from Africa (mainly from Eritrea and Sudan) have entered the country on foot, crossing via the border with Egypt.

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