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Windows 8 - not to everyone's taste it seems


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Though written shortly before the Windows 8 launch, this person lists the reasons why he thinks the latest OS is, in his words, a catastrophe. I've been contemplating an upgrade myself, but his expressed opinion leaves me very uncertain.

Does anyone here agree or disagree with his findings?

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This reviewer obviously has a short memory.

Vista, anyone?


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Perhaps the reviewer wasn't trying hard enough to get used to it. Mind you I tried the release candidate for several weeks and came to many of the same conclusions that the reviewer did. Had I owned a touch screen I might have come to different conclusions but I still felt as if I wasn't being allowed much control of my own computer.

WhiteTruckMan Nothing wrong with Vista when I was using it and in fact I found that Windows Explorer was more useful in Vista than it is in Win7. I found Win8 to be another step further than Win7 in the 'you must do it the Microsoft way', or not at all.

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I think he got it correct when he said.[Windows 8 is a tax on your brain]

After using it for about 6 hours I can agree with his comments.

They probably thought that if they only sold it to those with Touch Screens they would loose a packet on it, so they have offered it to everyone and will probably make a nice profit out of it.

The only drawback I can see if it is put on all new computers I can see a slump comming in the computer market.

It is a bit complex for my small brain to work out how to get to where I want to go.On W/7 you could be there in less than a minute.It takes a lot longer to figure it out on W/8.

But as I have purchased it I will stay with it and hope that I get a bit quicker.

I only used Vista a few times and hated it this one looks like it could go into that category.Which reminds me that I will need to get a spell check program for it.

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wee eddie

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I think that a lot hangs on the Surface Pro.

If the Business Community takes to it, then the laptop is dead as a Mass Market Device. OK Laptop users, I know that you'll fight to the death to protect your baby but I'm afraid that it'll be sidelined by progressively swifter Surface Pro (type)Tablets. If you're on the Road, you don't need huge Hard Drives or Disk Drives, after all, most of it's available from the Cloud now.

W8 RT is a totally different operating system, designed for a different chip and although it bares an exact resemblance to the PC version it is not, as far as I know, compatible in any way.

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Phil Ocifer

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Can you still buy a laptop with W7 on it? Or is it just until the supplies run out? Or can you buy a "Downgrade Voucher" if you want one?

I don't like the look of W8 myself - it looks more suited to a tablet and as such should remain a tablet OS. IMHO.

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Forum Editor

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I'm still waiting for my Windows 8 license, so unfortunately I can't give a view based on personal experience at the moment. What I can do is remind everyone about previous Windows launches, when we saw lots of derogatory comment within a day of the release.

The time to start making judgements about a new operating system is probably after a few weeks of use, rather than 6 hours.

Windows 8 is obviously primarily aimed at touch screen users, and anyone who didn't realise that before taking the plunge cannot have read any of the millions of words written about the software over the past twelve months or so. If you want to run it with a mouse you'll need to spend a little bit of time on the learning curve. Once you've done that you'll realise that beneath the unfamiliar tiled interface is a pretty nifty version of Windows, albeit one with some differences.

At least, that's what our reviewer thought He awarded it 4.5 stars out of 5.0

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"Had I owned a touch screen I might have come to different conclusions "

I do and I didn't.

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If microsoft bundled/included a nice 'cloudless' [BLUE SKY] jukebox touchscreen music/video player with 'The Surface' along with 'fingerprint' security when 'pawing' the screen ... then that would encourage me to buy one... w8 could be a winner!

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I have downloaded - installed various win 8's from the start including win 8 pro. They have all DL/install quite simple and run ok - I am not saying I like it. Then after a few hours of using win 8 pro it blew a gasket (I try other programs for fun) and would not load/run. I tried repair etc and the only way I could get it to work was disconnect all but one hard drive and fresh install. It is primarily for "toys" and buying tickets (P.O.S.) etc not for serious computer work IMO but I do not recall people saying that when it was first let out on us!

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What I can do is remind everyone about previous Windows launches, when we saw lots of derogatory comment within a day of the release.

ME, Vista?

Microsoft goes in cycles, in my opinion

95 good for it's day

98 not much better

98se very good

ME a disaster

XP excellent

Vista pretty poor upgrade

windows 7 very good and stable

windows 8 Is it due not to be not popular?

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