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Ridiculous. Sentenced for not predicting earthquake.


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Six Italian scientists found guilty of multiple manslaughter for not giving accurate enough information about an earthquake yet to happen.

Maybe they should prosecute all the mediums and fortune tellers for not speaking up about it also!

Quake scientists convicted

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Whilst I still think it's harsh, my impression is that they foolishly stated that there would not be a major quake, and many people who were already concerned and considering evasive action, decided to stay in their homes based on that clear statement.

Why anyone would be so foolish as to either make or believe such a statement baffles me, though.

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"Their findings, that there was some risk, became 'nothing to worry about' in the hands of the press officer."

I was once the subject of a feature in a national newspaper (don't ask), and was interviewed by a very nice lady who appeared to hang on my every word. She was very easy on the eye, and charming with it, and I allowed my guard to drop - she led me to believe that the interview was over, and chatted to me about life in general.

When the feature appeared I was horrified to see that it appeared to be about someone else altogether. It was a shock, and it made me determined never to speak to a tabloid reporter again if I could possibly avoid it.

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Know the feeling. My two golden rules were always insist on appearing live on a TV news program and issue written statements so you had a correct record of what you said. The recording bit where they ask you to nod your head or take views from behind you can be used in multiple ways.

Don't know all the details about the Italian situation but if it was left to the press office then I am surprised any statement issued by them wasn't full of the usual advert stuff like "may, might could, perhaps, shouldn't" and not the "will or will not" which is what people really want to hear but are seldom told.

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