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I'm leaving it with you - Goodbye


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From being amongst the first to join PCA forums, many years ago under a different name, I thought I'd just have one last rant before leaving.

But it's not really PCA I'm leaving, it's the UK. I retired at 55 and 12 years later I'm still paying tax. I have paid a lot of tax in my time and have never tried to avoid it, in fact I was pleased to do so, but a year or so ago decided that there is nothing to be gained by continuing, indeed there's everything to lose.

Both Labour and ConDem politicians have been found guilty of using our tax money to feather their own nests. These are people we should, at the very least, have been able to trust not to steal our money. That's probably the worse thing but it is not much better that they just simply fritter away much of the remaining on things like Green issues, Banks, Bankers Bonuses, Benefits for anyone from anywhere, BMWs for anyone who knows how to work the system, Quangos and Think Tanks. The Justice system is a joke. (Stop, I could fill the page)

At each and every election we are promised so much and receive so little. The problem is that the people who could make a difference do not even stand for Parliament. Those that do lack any useful experience.

After graduating from Cambridge, Nick Clegg worked for the European Commission and a political lobbying outfit before then becoming an adviser and speech-writer. He also tried his hand at being a skiing instructor. After graduating from Oxford, George Osborne went to work for the Conservative Party and then morphed into a ministerial special adviser. He has also worked part-time entering the names of dead people on to an NHS computer. As for David Cameron, he went straight from Oxford into Conservative Central Office before serving as a Treasury special adviser. He then left Westminster for a while to work in PR for Carlton TV before going back in as an MP.

These fellows are supposed to be the leading lights. None of them have had more than a passing acquaintance with the world outside of politics, PR and media. They know nothing of managing or being managed and have never sweated over a business needing to break even. Why would we expect them to be capable of running a country?

The political system is flawed. I will support it no longer.

I may have to return once more to the UK to finalise some oddments but really I hope not to. Tomorrow I shall be packing up my den, one of the last things to be done, and Friday I’m gone.

Folks, thank you for the memories, thanks for the passing and I wish you all the very best for the future. Be nice to each other -- Bye now.

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Chegs ®™

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My Mother retired & moved to Spain.I rarely visit there as I'm not keen on hot weather & cant really afford the journey.My Mother regales us with tales about life out there when she visits(usually in the summer when she also finds it to hot in Spain)As all her family are resident in the UK,she has the best of both as she stays with my sister/brother when visiting the UK.The area where she lives has quite a few other ex-pats close by & she has learnt spanish so communication is not a problem.

Our local paper had an article about a man who'd lived abroad for the last 20+ years but had returned to the UK as he'd developed a problem with his leg and needed medical treatment.As he'd lived abroad for so many years,he was told he'd have to pay for this treatment & was annoyed as he stated he'd paid taxes when working here but wasnt getting anything back from all those years working & paying taxes.There were dozens of letters following this article & opinion was divided as to whether he should be charged for treatment here or not.He has gone back abroad without the treatment.

Snec,I wish you well wherever you are going.

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