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Putting copy right onto my username


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Hi, I'm Jwarn, changed my username to the username i use everywhere "Jwbjnwolf"

I use Jwbjnwolf on my site jwbjnwolf.weebly.com

on my tumblr blog: jwbjnwolf.tumblr.com

on my youtube: youtube.com/jwbjnwolf

on twitter: twitter.com/jwbjnwolf

my mobile web app: jwbjnwolf.mobapp.at

on instagram, on everything.

On instagram I have 5 accounts:






Today when I was stared typing "@jwbjnwolfbestpicedits", I found out that someone else has decided to copy my username obviously to take the P*. They done "@jwbjnwolfbestpiceditf6".

Now my username "jwbjnwolf" is 100% unique to me. No one except me my sister and my mum knows what it stands for, and I like to keep it that way lol. No one and I mean no one that I've found anywhere has used my username, and it really has insulted that someone else has decided to use it.

I know that they done it just to take the mick, and they done a pretty good job on getting me well cheesed off. I am quite insulted by it. I want to use that name as my like brand name what ever you call it if I do become popular youtuber/blogger etc.

So I really want to protect the username "jwbjnwolf". What options do I have? for starters, how much would it cost to get that name "jwbjnwolf" copyrighted/trademarked or what ever the word is you use.

Thanks for any help,

And as always, PCA forums is always ever so delightful to ask/get help from.

Jase Wolf


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Thanks FE for explaining.

more than what "You really should get out more ;-)" explains.

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KRONOS the First

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Even so "You really should get out more" was excellent advice.LOL.

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A question I would ask is whether your username on this site bolongs to you or IDG, likewise all the other sites you kindly listed.

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Pine Man

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You really should get out more ;-)

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... :/

getting out more isn't anything to do with this :/

I do get out a lot, but I don't want my username thats unique to me to be used by loads of people when I have become popular if hopefully I do. :/

Is that all you can think of pine man? :/

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