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Freeview tv, set for problems


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freeview to payviewThis does not affect me,rid of my tv last year,for those who rely on that 'ray of light' in the corner as a window to the world,housebound people or pensioners it seems that they may have to face a charge of £212 for a filter to prevent interference from the transmitters when 4G comes.

A foreseeable event left to the last moment and ,dare i say ,typical of this countries attempts at upgrading for the digital age.

A new quango to be set up to implement the process,no doubt the vulnerable will be means tested to decide on whether they recieve funding,no comment on payscales for those who will be in charge.

Should the companies pay or the subscriber,or indeed the taxpayer.?

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Chegs ®™

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FE said:

4G is basically going to make existing wireless connection speeds look as if they are standing still - with 4G you can potentially get data download transfer speeds of around 1 Gigabyte per second on a stationary device - 100 Mps on the move.

In the USA systems,these speeds might be achievable but here in the UK,we're going to be getting a fight between various systems(similar to the VHS/Betamax argument)none of which will ever offer close to the speeds of genuine 4G.Presently being trialled in a village near me is a version of 4G and after the initial fanfare a few months ago I've heard nothing about how it's working out.The villagers are probably in raptures as they've gone from dial-up to whatever version of 4G and we all remember our first forays online with broadband after dial-up.

I was looking forward to getting 4G as my present wired broadband is so unreliable and speeds vary,that my mobile provides a faster more reliable connection,until I read that there's going to be several versions of 4G and none are as fast as genuine 4G.So instead,I'm switching ISP as TalkTalk have bought out Tiscali & when I was with Tiscali,I had exactly the same connection issues as now.

I also have a TV dongle but I discovered recently that it wont work on my quad cored PC(I bought it to use on my laptop when away from home,only the laptop expired)I did send a few emails to the dongle manufacturer but never received any reply.

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TalkTalk bought out Tiscali and a number of other ISP's quite some time ago. What they also bought was the infrastructure that BT was/is providing for these services. Changing to LLU could only go so far.

But having said that, if you pester TalkTalk far enough, they will try to improve your connections and speeds. I went from 1MB to a regular 5MB, but it did take a lot of pestering.

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