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can the Tory's be trusted


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state secrets sold to:

The Tory Spy

all this in the 1950's.

Yet today today you make a honest living after being taxed

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I think you left out an important rider after "but unless you have friends" - and a substantial bank balance, it is highly likely you will be a non-runner.

'Party-men' are the only ones given the necessary backup and publicity to make it - that is what's so sad.

Perhaps at each election a percentage of MPs should be chosen by ballot straight from the voting register - like being called for jury service. Maybe that way the 'Cabinet' would not just have compliant members who rely on the Party funding'.

Could be interesting - and hardly worse than what we have?

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Chegs ®™

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"every election he's returned to rule by the voters."

That's called democracy.

He's the one they want

He might keep being re-elected,but every week the local paper is full of voters letters complaining about him or his party.The latest fiasco involves the loss of a multi-million investment,his party runs the council who it was decided would project manage the development.The development was given the go-ahead before the problem of access to the site was addressed,and when the land-owners who's land over which access was proposed asked the council to clarify certain matters,the council chose not to respond so the land-owners pulled out of the dealings.The council are now saying the land-owners scuppered the deal(just like any politician,blame the other side)The letters page was full of vitriol condemning the council,but I wouldn't bet on a conservative council after the next election as the voters all will have forgotten about this latest fiasco before next weeks paper is even printed.The Hospital is partly demolished as this conservative/liberal government cancelled the funding for the proposed new hospital AFTER demolition had started.We are getting new reactors built in the area though,so Nuclear Money still has power.

Oh,and the leader of the council is being paid additional money as she has additional responsibilities to perform with us having a Nuclear Power Plant in the borough(such as getting her picture in the paper alongside the various heads at the plant)

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As I said, that's democracy.

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My GP ( an experienced lady doctor ) once told me to "trust nobody".

That maxim has stuck in my mind since.

(Yes, I know what you are all going to say...)

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Ive said this before ,the only time you can trust what any politician says is when he is strapped to a lie detector ,and even then i would have had to have seen the calibration sheet for the machine

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