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Is war between the west and Iran inevitable?


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Storm clouds are gathering in the east! Once again it seems inevitable that the west will soon become embroiled in another foreign adventure. Following the sacking last week of the British embassy in Tehran and the closure of the Iranian embassy in London, we seem set upon the inevitable path of conflict with another middle eastern state.

The turmoil that has beset this region continues unabated, it seems from the latest polls that the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt will be the largest party. The upheaval in Syria grows day by day, Assad warned the west "be careful what you wish for." The Arab spring is taking us down the much feared road to Armageddon.

Following the report from the IAEA which pointed to the likelihood of a military application of Iran's nuclear program, we are led to the only possible conclusion, that Israel with the covert or as seems more likely the overt support of the USA will strike Iran's nuclear facilities to stop the development of Iran's nuclear weapons.

Where will this leave us in Britain? We are a firm ally of the US and it would seem likely that we will be drawn into the conflict. How many millions of pounds and how many hundreds possibly thousands of British lives will we have to commit to this perhaps the last of our foreign expeditions?

The retaliation of the Iranians will be to close the straits of Hormuz to the transit of western oil imports, oil prices will rise to astronomical levels and our already fragile economies will implode. Iranian state sponsored terrorism will be visited upon our western cities, is this the beginning of the end game between the west and militant Islam?

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Whatever the case, you can bet your bottom dollar, that Israel is fully aware as to what is happening in Iran and the Middle East in general. And no doubt all the other Western Powers are being informed as on a 'what to know' basis being provided by Israel.

Many years ago I read a book (theory or conspiracy?) were it was suggested that a very poor and unstable country on the verge of massive famine, requested help from the rest of the world. Any offer of help were rejected (sounds familiar?), because the country was that poor, that it would have not been able to cover its debt to the other nations. This unnamed country then threatened that if no help was forthcoming, they would take drastic action against the rest of the world's super-powers. Naturally this was treated as a lunatic statement from a lunatic leader (have we heard that before?), something that would and could never happen.

Things came to such a point, that this 'lunatic' unimportant country and its leaders, then informed the rest of the world that they had been provided by a 'bomb of massive destruction' (where have heard that before?)and they would use it. The world's powers scoffed at the idea (as expected?). A ultimatum was given, that if the demands for help was not given, then 'the bomb' would destroy a capital city, London being the possible chosen target city. The threats became more extreme, so it was decided rather reluctantly that 'as an exercise' London would be vacated, similar to actions taken in WW2!. But whatever the case, the Super-Powers would never yield to any form of threats, especially from a nation that was unimportant and had nothing.

'The bomb' went off in a major city in the USA, completely wiping out a very large area, taking many lives with it. This 'lunatic' country, then stated that they had other bombs stored elsewhere, and were not frightened in using them,they had nothing to lose, because their own country was already dead.

Now as I said earlier, this was from a book of many years ago (perhaps in similar vein to other controversial books like Big Brother etc?), and no doubt we will have our usual forum members who will clearly state that this cannot and will not ever happen. They could well be right, but doesn't it make you think, on how the world is being run at present, and by whom, and for what purposes. And wasn't there a mention that the world would be destroyed by fire (but perhaps never in my lifetime, but there's always never say never to perhaps think about)?.

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One VERY interesting story is this new one where Iran was able to take control of america's "Drone" via an uplink of some sort direct to the drone and land it, what concerns me is IF they can do such a thing like this then what else would they be capable of taking over?

Drone Story

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