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Sometimes there is justice in the world!


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About a half hour ago on answering a knock at my door i opened it to find one of my local councilors looking to get my support for something or other. But he had not done his home work as on the third of this month I had sent an email to the three councilors for this area asking why the roads department sends out these vehicles that mechanically sweep the gutters or would do if there were not so many cars parked, after all those still fortunate to have a job are more likely to be off at the weekends so it stands to reason more cars will be parked.

For quite sometime now as I walked to get my paper on a Saturday/Sunday morning I could almost guarantee that I would spot one or more of these vehicles driving down the road with an occasional swerve towards the kerb should a gap allow,which was not often.In these times of major cuts it seems an incredible waste of money, something that Edinburgh is very good at doing,we have the tram fiasco after all.

Of the three councilors I emailed, on one (labour) answered very promptly,agreed with me,said he would get back to me later in day after making inquiries, Still waiting. One replied 3 days later asking what area I stayed in, I replied but assured her that this waste happened all over Edinburgh,seemingly.The third, and the reason for my post eventually replied to my email as follows.

**Thank you for your email sent to Councillor xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx office. Please be advised that Councillor xxxxxxxxx noted your comments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in the future.* Which I took to mean *please do not bother me, I am not interested. When I asked him about my email to him and his reply to me and did he have an explanation. Flustered would be a good word to describe him,I got the impression that he would liked to have been annoyed at my audacity in confronting him, but I am a big man and he isn't. Anyway he declined to explain himself, mumbled something about being very busy and off he went. I must admit I was a tad disappointed that he did not spout the normal political gibberish so belove by these people when speaking to the "ordinary" man.I don't think he will be expecting my vote in the future.

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Perhaps you should ask the council what they intend doing about the increase of vehicles parking and blocking roads and pavements. Not all that long ago, there were letters sent from Westminster to all the council's in England (due to public concern) about the powers that council's already have in dealing with 'pavement parking/obstruction' and the like. The police also have these powers.

Most council's have chosen to ignore this letter, due to lack of funding or available resources, as the council's have insisted.

Regarding cleaning, the local large council to where I live are constantly complaining about the public complaining to them about dog fouling. What can you do, when the council tell the public that it is the dog owners responsibility to clean up after their animal as perhaps left a mess. Apparently £60.000 was spent on dealing with dog fouling last year, yet its still a mess, and appears to be on the increase. I do believe though, that the council warden's have managed to fine 6 people (city wise) this year and nobody last year?.

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Chegs ®™

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Whatever happened to community spirit that would send ordinary residents outside with a broom to clear up any detritis? I clear the pavements around my house of weeds,though we get an annual visit from a bloke on a quad armed with a spraying device(who seems to delight in spraying any border areas around my house liberally with weedkiller)

Our councils response to a few lazy gits not clearing up after their dogs was to issue new by-laws that ban any dogs from public spaces/parks/beaches etc.I have a golden retriever that is so timid she cowers when you call her name,yet our council insist I now have her on a lead everywhere so now whenever a vehicle passes with a loud exhaust(and there's plenty)I get dragged about which is bloody painful to my back(injured in numerous accidents)and if I get caught with the dog not on a lead,I get a hefty fine.

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