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Central Heating


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As the temperature starts to drop (or remains obstinately low!) this time of the year, one sees references, including sometimes on this fotum, from people "having to turn on the central heating" and so on.

I am at a bit of a loss here.

There is obviously a reason why they do not wish to rely on a thermostat, but I can't think what it is.

My central heating hasn't been off for the annual service since we last went on holiday three years ago, apart from service visits.

I could understand it in the old days of coal fires when the first lighting was final sign of autumn, but why with CH?

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"I've never understood why installers used to place the thermostat in the hall way"

Most living rooms have a gas or electric fire and as Forum Editor has mentioned the warm room would prevent the room state from working correctly.

The kitchen is not used due to the heat and the grease in the air from cooking would eventually prevent the thermostat from working correctly.

The bedroom is usually kept cooler than most room so the only suitable place left was the hall way.

There's nothing stopping you from putting the thermostat in the living room if you do not use a gas or electric fire.

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I moved my thermostat from the hallway to another room.My hallway is the warmest area in the house,so when the temperature reached the temp set on the thermostat,the boiler shut down.This meant that the rest of the house dident reach a comfortable temperature.Correct me if i am doing this wrong.

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There's nothing stopping you from putting the thermostat in the living room

I have done just that. When I bought this place (bungalow) the thermostat was in a small room just off the small hallway, which seemed to me to be totally illogical. The room got warm very quickly and the rest of the place was cold. When I had the very old controller replaced I also had the thermostat moved to the living room, which is where we tend to spend most of our time. Result room temperatures much more comfortable. Not too worried about the bedrooms as the heating goes off overnight anyway, as long as there is a background warmth in the bedrooms during the day.

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